Video: Shlohmo – Buried

Video: Shlohmo – Buried

LA producer Shlohmo gives us the chilling visual accompaniment to new track Buried.

Shlohmo, AKA Henry Laufer, continues to take his work to scary new levels. A few weeks ago, the LA-native released Buried, a grim and obscure track off his forthcoming album Dark Red. Read about the track HERE. With the new season of The Walking Dead out this week and zombie fever back in fashion, Laufer couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to boost the hype for Dark Red, revealing his equally disturbing music video for Buried this week.  

Directed by LA-based filmmaker Lance Drake, the demonic video gives visual substance to Buried: we watch a distraught soon-to-be-mother dragging herself through the gritty streets of LA, consumed by pain, dripping in blood, cross-sectioned with visuals of a hypercolour birth canal. It's like some surreal, bloody nightmare - closely resembling a retro horror flick - and is not for the faint-hearted. Watch below. Dark Red is set for an April 7 release.

shlohmo buried 3

buried shlohmo2



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