Video: At Home With Millions

Video: At Home With Millions

With their (cracking) debut album out, we get nostalgic about MTV Cribs'ing with Millions.

Brissy babes Millions are on the verge of releasing their debut album Max Relax - and following a sneaky advance listen we're bloody stoked for them - so we thought now would be a good time to dig up an old fave from the archives. Back when we went on a Pilerats tour to launch this little project, we not only had the pleasure of watching the guys live, but chilling at their pad, getting the tour, and just generally hanging. A likelier bunch of lads we guarantee you would struggle to find, and we hope this album kills it 'cause it's a bloody ripper (seriously - go buy it HERE). Apologies for the abuse of the word "bloody", this video just feels very Australian.

They're playing a few launch shows starting this weekend:

Sydney 16 August - GoodGod Small Club

Melbourne 21 August - The Worker's Club 

Brisbane 22 August - Black Bear Lodge

Follow Millions: FACEBOOK // WEBSITE

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