Insights: Pierce Ericson

Insights: Pierce Ericson

Young Australian creatives share their career and life advice in a new video series.

They say if you write a wise saying, your name will live forever. What if you try and be a wisecrack on Youtube? Is that forever too? In our new creative talks video series, Insights, mostly ordinary (and occasionally extraordinary) young people share practical life and career advice on how to make it in the Australian arts and music industry. 

In this week's Insights, we chat to Pierce Ericson, co-ordinator at Metric Events, one of WA's biggest club events companies. Or in Pierce's words, "I throw all the parties". As part of his role, Pierce oversees weekly club nights Mondo, Cheek, Father, Colt, Frayed, and more, and has been responsible for bringing the weekly nights into larger venues such as Villa and Metro City for huge parties with interstate and international acts. He also has a hand in bringing Metric's music festivals - such as Castaway, Wonderland and CIRCO - to life. Pierce shares his experiences working at the head of a team, how he deals with giving direction, and his advice for making things happen based on outlining end-goals.

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For more information on Metric Events, head here

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