Insights: Tay Kaka

Insights: Tay Kaka

Young Australian creatives share their career and life advice in a new video series.

They say if you write a wise saying, your name will live forever. What if you try and be a wisecrack on Youtube? Is that forever too? In our new creative talks video series, Insights, mostly ordinary (and occasionally extraordinary) young people share practical life and career advice on how to make it in the Australian arts and music industry. 

In this week's Insights, we turn the camera on the dude whose usually behind it, Pilerats' resident Kiwi and fantastic filmmaker, Tay Kaka. As the man with the movie camera since the early days of Pilerats, Tay's shooting skill and editing savvy have seen him go from shooting at local clubnights and making music festival aftermovies, to national tours covering Laneway Festival, Alison Wonderland Warehouse parties, Splendour in the Grass, and more, as well as getting work with big clients like Jack Daniel's, who called on Tay's filmmaking ability for special projects (explore some of these at our Made in the Pile website). You might have also caught the video clips Tay's made (take a look at our Official Video Clips playlist) and his most recent work filming our doco series A Day With and Live Sessions for Pile TV. Tay shares what he's learned about finding good collaborators for film shoots, and taking the time to rack up some experience and learning before you rush into things. Watch below:


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