Insights (Art Series): art director Megan Riley

Insights (Art Series): art director Megan Riley

Get inspired and let the creative juices flow with expert advice from young guns.

Insights are Pilerats' motivational video talks series. They're a great source of inspiration if you're stuck in a career rut, perfect for when that creative block strikes, or just for when you have a few minutes of downtime and feel like watching something educational in your working day. 

They're kind of like TED Talks, only Australian-based, with subjects that are twenty/thirty somethings that we can relate to. Everyone we choose to chat to for Insights is someone whose personally inspired us with what they've pulled off with their career or passion projects, and we want you guys to meet them.

For the next few weeks we're focusing on creatives working in the art and design world, with a special "art series" Insights. This week we learn about working in the world of ideas - advertising - with W.A. art director Megan Riley, who works at one of the State's biggest ad agencies.

Fresh motivation for 2016! #PileTV has curated an "Art Series" of art-and-design focused Insights to help you fire up your creative spirit! Megan, art director at W.A. ad agency Marketforce, tells us why she loves being an "ideas" woman:

Posted by Pilerats on Sunday, 31 January 2016

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