Insights: Layton Webber

Insights: Layton Webber

Young Australian creatives share their career and life advice in a new video series.

They say if you write a wise saying, your name will live forever. What if you try and be a wisecrack on Youtube? Is that forever too? Watch the first episode of our new creative talks video series,Insights, where mostly ordinary (and occasionally extraordinary) young people share practical life and career advice. 

Here at Pilerats we like to live by the famous motto that genius is 1% inspiration... and 99% fucking around. Series 1 of Insights sees Pilerats attempt to elucide that 1% for you by putting ourselves on the firing line.

Layton Webber, graphic designer / illustrator at West Australian based creative collective Pilerats, gives Pile TV an insight into his working philosophies in the below video. He shares his thoughts on making it in a creative line of work, and ruminates on the new standards facing creatives. "There's no real Litmus test for creativity anymore. Anybody can create a Facebook Page now, and call themselves a creative professional. In the past, you had to have a number of people validate you before you were considered good at your craft." Watch Layton's Insights below:

 Part 1:

Part 2:


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