Insights: Dani Marsland

Insights: Dani Marsland

Young Australian creatives share their career and life advice in a new video series.

They say if you write a wise saying, your name will live forever. What if you try and be a wisecrack on Youtube? Is that forever too? In our new creative talks video series, Insights, mostly ordinary (and occasionally extraordinary) young people share practical life and career advice on how to make it in the Australian arts and music industry.

This week on Insights, we check in with Dani Marsland, a WA-based creative whose worked in the Perth arts and music industry across the past several years. Dani was the Club Editor at X-Press Magazine for a couple of years, then moving onto a role as the Editor at SixThousand, a weekly digital cultural guide to the city, where she worked for four years, before leaving to start her own freelance PR and journalism company, Dani M Publicity. After doing the publicity for CIRCO Festival in 2014, Dani joined creative collective Pilerats, where she continues to do PR, writes for, and runs Pilerats' new video channel, Pile TV. Dani also presents rap / R & B show Cloudwaves, on RTRFM radio.

Dani shares her thoughts on the benefits of building strong support networks to reinforce your sense of professional self, and why its important for working women to have confidence in their abilities, and #leanin.

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