Insights: Season Two Trailer

Insights: Season Two Trailer

Creatives on camera: Season Two of our video talks series is coming soon!

Our very first season of our very brand-new video talks series Insights wrapped up just last week. It featured several members of our own Pilerats team sharing what they've learned over their time in the creative industry. You can re-live all the episodes at our Youtube Channel, Pile TV, now:


The inspiration hasn't run dry there, however - next Friday, July 31st, we launch Season Two of Insights, with a fresh episode featuring a new creative every Friday - you can watch those episodes right here on, on our Facebook Page, or at our Youtube Channel. In Season Two, we've selected a bunch of young Australian creatives we really admire, and put them behind the camera - a mixed bag of architects, designers, musicians, record label owners, business entrepreneurs, promoters, artists, and photographers share what they've learnt, and give their tips on thriving creatively.

We were massively inspired during shooting, and we can't wait to share these talks with you. Take a look at a little teaser we prepared below, and subscribe to Pile TV now to be the first to see new episodes every Friday. 

Pile TV is brought to you by Pilerats.

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