Insights: Alex Paioff

Insights: Alex Paioff

Young Australian creatives share their career and life advice in a new video series.

They say if you write a wise saying, your name will live forever. What if you try and be a wisecrack on Youtube? Is that forever too? Watch the first episode of our new creative talks video series,Insights, where mostly ordinary (and occasionally extraordinary) young people share practical life and career advice. 

Here at Pilerats we like to live by the famous motto that genius is 1% inspiration... and 99% fucking around. Series 1 of Insights sees Pilerats attempt to elucide that 1% for you by putting ourselves on the firing line.

Director of West Australian creative collective Pilerats, and all round awesome human being, Alex Paioff, gives Pile TV an insight into his working philosophies, including how to turn mistakes into opportunities, and why its important to work with authentic determination: "People have a lot of fake determination these days. If there's something you really want, you should chase it as hard as you can, and not get turned back at the first hurdle." Watch the videos below:  

Part 1:

Part 2:

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