Insights: Seonaidh Murphy

Insights: Seonaidh Murphy

Young Australian creatives share their career and life advice.

In Season Two of Insights, Pilerats have selected a bunch of young Australian creatives we really admire, and put them behind the camera - a mixed bag of architects, designers, musicians, record label owners, business entrepreneurs, promoters, artists, and photographers share what they've learnt, and give their tips on thriving creatively.

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In this episode of season two of Insights, Pile TV got some insight into the work of one of Perth's elite visual designers Seonaidh Murphy. A confident and creative workaholic, Seonaidh directs and designs for her own concept label Soft Constructions, as well as freelancing in bridal design, textiles, fashion and commercial art, and she's also a lecturer in Fashion & Textiles at the Central Institute of Technology. Seonaidh has some useful advice for the hard-working creative, speaking about the importance of owning up to your mistakes, dealing with the endless strain of jobs and also the importance of honesty when dealing with grumpy customers.

"As much work as you have going on, you have to accept you probably aren't going to get on top of things."

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Find out more about Seonaidh's work on her website Soft Constructions.

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