A Day With: Kucka

A Day With: Kucka

Conti rolls, cocktails and chats with the Perth electro-pop three-piece.

Since June, we've been rolling out a new web series called A Day With, where we get a personal, exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the work of Australian musicians, artists and creative entrepreneurs that we admire. We spend some time in their homes, studios, shops, clubs, and fave hangouts, asking them questions, seeing the ins-and-outs of their work and play, and reminiscing on where it all began for them as creatives / business people. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Pile TV to be the first to see our new episodes, that premiere fortnightly on Mondays.

This week, Pile TV get to know Laura, Jake and Katie of Perth-based electronic pop act Kučka. Chatting inside Laura’s Kombi van outside the local North Perth deli Di Chiera Bros, Laura reflects on Kučka’s beginnings: as her own solo project, then their growth into a three-piece act with the addition of Katie (who also makes beats as Catlips) and Jake (who has an industrial noise side project, Tobacco Rat). The band also speak of how the constant shows and Triple J radio play has helped them take a step out of the local Perth scene into something much bigger in recent months (without having to resort to writing mega pop bangers). Big things indeed - Laura recently performed at Splendour in the Grass, singing for Cosmo's Midnight, and won herself a spot at the prestigious global Red Bull Music Academy 2015

You'll catch footage in the video of the band performing At The Pile at the Bakery - we also drop in on a Kucka rehearsal, and Laura and Katie run us through a couple of cocktail recipes: a summer gin punch, and the band’s very own concoction: the ‘Sparkly D’. 

Watch below - more videos on Youtube

Kucka plays at Outside In Festival, Sydney, on September 26. Details HERE.

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