A Day With: Coin Banks

A Day With: Coin Banks

Pilerats chill out over coffee and record shopping with the new-school Australian rapper.

Since June, we've been rolling out a new web series called A Day With, where we get a personal, exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the work of Australian musicians, artists and creative entrepreneurs that we admire. We spend some time in their homes, studios, shops, clubs, and fave hangouts, asking them questions, seeing the ins-and-outs of their work and play, and reminiscing on where it all began for them as creatives / business people. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel Pile TV to be the first to see our new episodes, that premiere fortnightly on Mondays.

Straight outta the West Coast, the talented homie Coin Banks joins the new wave of rappers moving the Australian music scene forward. Vinyl and sneaker shopping, coffee, rehearsal with a jazz band, and playing pre-Tinashe: Pilerats walk a day in Coin's clean kicks.

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