A Day With: iHart

A Day With: iHart

A group art exhibition with a difference, that makes a difference - we meet the young creatives / curators driving the iHART Project.

"Anything that's new, that's making people question what is or isn't an art exhibition - that's what iHART's into. Instead of just square pieces on a white wall in a room. It's good to have engagement, or an unusual medium, and flip the whole art exhibition concept on its head."

Each year, Perth-based creatives Michael Prendiville and Dwight O’Neil explain bring together their network of emerging and renowned creatives working across different fields for a charity art show called iHART. Since its inception, the exhibition's medium focus has evolved from sneaker art, to skateboard art, to this year's edition, wherein selected artists hand-crafted customised pieces using skulls supplied by Crystal Head Vodka as their canvas. 


Pilerats were taken behind the scenes with Dwight and Mike, as they prepared for the show's opening night, at the Odd Fellow Bar in Fremantle. They spoke to us about the genesis of the project, their larger aims for it, and singled out some of their favourite entries. We then checked in with some of the iHART-featured artists and designers, including Anya Brock and Andy Quilty, in their home studios, as they readied their artworks for the exhibition.


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