A Day With Cabinet Noir

A Day With Cabinet Noir

Get a feel for the work that goes into running your own independent sneaker store.

WA-based designer Edward Maradona has wanted to run a sneaker store since he was 19 - a couple of years ago, he made it happen, opening the doors to his premium menswear / sneaker store Cabinet Noir, down a laneway in Perth's CBD. Maradona brought in some top designers to do an awesome fit-out that mixes an Old World, European feel with modern finishings, with original artworks and an old vintage motorbike adding character. Edward now has a regular stream of customers coming in for the store's selection; which range in style from more dapper apparel to high-end streetwear, as well as magazines, watches, jewellery, and fragrance. He surrounds himself with a strong, creative team, who collectively curate the store's wares, and determine its stylistic direction.

A Day With Cabinet Noir

We spent a day in the life of the store - from the moment the lights got turned on / the first morning coffee, through to staffies after-work at the Belasyse across the road. Pilerats got a first-hand insight into the real work that goes into keeping a popular store like Cabinet Noir's engine running smoothly on a daily basis - unpacking deliveries, merchandising, team meetings, researching new product, dealing with suppliers, customer interactions…running your own business is no walk in the park (even if you are walking in really nice sneakers!).

A Day With Cabinet Noir 4

Along the way we got to know Edward and his motivations for starting the store, and scored plenty of inspiration that will come in handy for aspiring creative entrepreneurs: "Have a big idea of what you want to be, and put a time frame on it - the only failure is not dreaming big enough."

A Day With Cabinet Noir 2

Watch A Day With Cabinet Noir, below:

Cabinet Noir is located at Shop 14, Shafto Lane (off Murray St), in Perth, WA.  

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