You can hire Pokemon GO trainers and drivers now because shit is getting real

You can hire Pokemon GO trainers and drivers now because shit is getting real

Turn those Pokeballs in to cash today!

If you're not currently playing Pokemon GO, first of all allow us to formally congratulate you on being a part of a very tiny majority, because the smartphone phenomenon is literally everywhere right now. Even grandparents are stumbling around parks and/or city streets trying desperately hard to catch them all. But if you are one of the very few not on board with the latest craze, now might be the time to jump on — and earn some easy cash in the process.

Take the lead of 24-year old New York Freelance Journalist Ivy St. Ive, for example. In a post to Craiglist, the self-proclaimed lifelong Pokemon enthusiast (complete with Golbat tattoo on her upper arm) offers her services (for $20 an hour, no less) to Pokemon GO users in the city, stating:

"I will walk around in 1-4 hour shifts signed in to your account capturing every single Pokemon I come into contact with, activating every Poke Stop I pass and walking nonstop to help hatch your eggs. I'll even send you hourly updates while you're at work/class/on a hot date informing you of any really exciting things I've come across for you. Pokemon training help, gym battles and strategy tips are also included, if requested."

pokemon trainer

(Ivy St. Ive per her Craigslist ad, flaunting her Golbat tattoo)

And just to pad her own resume further, the New Yorker flaunts her status as a level 15 Pokemon trainer and even offers to send screenshots of her journeys to catch 'em all to users who pay for her services. Think she's alone? Guess again!

One quick look at Gumtree will find several postings related to Pokemon GO, with users offering their services as 'Pokemon Chauffeurs' and drive amateur Pokemon trainers around to help their quests to catch them all. From Oz in Cragieburn, Victoria, to Andrea on the Gold Coast and the intimidatingly qualified Mathew in Newcastle, NSW, the groundwork for lucrative careers in Pokemon GO are all there for you to follow.

With the job market in a less than good state right now, maybe it's time to strap on your best Pikachu socks, get out there and start earning some real Pokecash!

Gotta catch 'em all!!

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