Wanksy - An Urban Art Bruce Wayne

Wanksy - An Urban Art Bruce Wayne

Manchester’s newest urban anti-hero is getting results.

Dating back to the Egyptians and Ancient Greeks, graffiti has always had a special place in society. Street art has always had valid reasons for its existence – political activism, corporate rebellion, dark humour, street rat rep – you know, all those valid reasons to spray your mark in view of the public’s eye. And now there’s a new mystery graffer in Manchester who has a far more practical and socially responsible agenda.

Wanksy, as he calls himself, is the new Bruce Wayne of Manchester. A true advocate for the people, this mysterious ‘road artist’ from Ramsbottom has secretly visited dangerous potholes in the Manchester area and erected obscene penis drawings of varying size around each pothole to attract the attention of the local council. Not a bad idea right? In fact, genius idea. Because of the visually confronting nature of Wanksy’s genital-art, the local Manchester council has actually taken it upon themselves to fix the broken roads and fill in the potholes:


The urban avenger has initiated the overhaul of a number of public roads with his ballsy street art efforts. It’s not a joke too - this is a really sensitive issue. Potholes are dangerous. They can run you right off the road and damage your shafts and other useful parts of your vehicle. Cyclists can really hurt themselves on potholes too. Yet for some reason they don’t get the attention they need - but a bit of harmless genital-themed street art does? That’s the real obscenity.


Wanksy said some of his efforts to protect his cyclist friends have been successful: "Some potholes still remain, it's not a 100 percent success rate, but it works," Wanksy told The Manchester Evening NewsThe Huffington Post reports. He added that in some cases, potholes that have been repaired within 48 hours. That’s efficient. It’s a refreshing paradox that these acts of illegal erotic vandalism are needed to actually get local infrastructure properly fixed. That said, not everyone is happy about Wanksy’s work.

A representative of the Bury council told Manchester News: “The actions of this individual are not only stupid but incredibly insulting to local residents… every penny that we have to spend cleaning off this graffiti is a penny less we have to spend on actually repairing potholes!”. Yeah good point, thanks buzzkill. Let’s pray that Wanksy doesn’t actually end up in jail for his obscene erotic art despite the fact he’s out there trying to make a real difference in the community. Wanksy’s efforts may even set a new precedent for the societies of the future. Wanksy’s displays have shown that you can solve most of your local road and pavement problems with a simple hoodie and a can of spray paint. “That footpath needs fixing!” Just draw a penis on it. “That tree is ugly!” Draw a penis on it and they’ll probably chop it down. An easy, socially responsible and slightly illegal tactic that sees no need for all that bureaucratic paperwork, not to mention the long-winded phone calls. Power to the people.


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