Sounds From Playlist Update - 02/09/16

Sounds From Playlist Update - 02/09/16

Big stack of fresh one's for ya today

Sounds From... is based on the simple idea that it's kinda hard to search for music by its location. Starting Aussie, we made up Spotify playlists that are sorted by state, and housed only the best new music coming out of each area over the course of the past year(ish). The response so far has been great, whether it be people who love their home-state and the unique sounds coming out of it, or bands and booking agents who are looking to head into new territories and need support acts in those areas. We've been updating it regularly, but consider this a little round up of the most recent new music. If we've missed something, LET US KNOW:

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Ainslie Wills - Drive

Ali Barter - Girlie Bits

Ben Wright Smith - Sand Grabber

Dorsal Fins - Sedated

Ferla - I Can’t Let You Down

Godwolf - Feels Right

Harts - Power

Heads of Charm - Cocaine Aplenty

Jack Stirling - Lost In My Arms

Clowns - Destroy The Evidence

JP Klipspringer - Can’t Be

Maya - Sinners

Mcrobin - Concrete Feet

Mike Noga - Mary

Northeast Party House - For You

Osaka - Weights

Phoenix Day - Stronger

Ryland Rose - Almost Famous & Broke

Stonefield - Love

Tali Sing - Over

The Nation Blue - Black Fax

The Ocean Party - Restless

The Peep Tempel - Rayguns

The Sand Dollars - Silence Is Gold

The Smith Street Band - Surrender

The Temper Trap - Lost

Tiny Little Houses - Song Despite Apathy

Welcome To The Glorious North - No Soul To Save

Woodlock - The Only Ones


Airling - Stallin’

Born Joy Dead - Sourdough

Brendan Maclean - Laura

Columbus - Daffodil

Cub Sport - Come On Mess Me Up

Feki - You Got Me

Feuds - Eachother

Future Haunts - Climb

Georgia Mae - Move

Glider PIlots - Simple Things

Good Boy - Poverty Line

Go Van Go - There Was You

Hound - Gimme That

JOY. - Like Home

Lisa RIchards - Frank Sinatra

Moreton - The Water

Morning Harvey - Susanne Monday

Paces - Desert

Roi - Make It

Sans Parents - Dead End

Tempesst - Broke Down Blues

The Iron Eye - Just Started

The Keepaways - Baggage

Zeferli - Satisfied


Adam Harpaz - Waterslide

Alphamama - Ass In The Front

Australia - Breathe In

Basenji - Chroma

Boy & Bear - Where’d You Go (Acoustic Version)

Breakaway - Restart

BROADHURST - Little Lover

Client Liaison - Wild Life

Coda Conduct - Usually I’m Cool (ft. Jimblah)

DMA’S - Timeless

Gideon Bensen - Cold Cold Heart

Hermitude - Vibration

Jack Colwell - Don’t Cry Those Tears

Jack Grace - All Lost

Jagwar Ma - Give Me a Reason

James Chatburn - Cracks and Breaks

Left. - Slow Release

Lepers & Crooks - Reflections

LOLO BX - Higher (ft. Elsie)

Middle Kids - Your Love

Moonbase Commander - Greyhound

PLTS - Astoria

Porsches - Blood To A Shark

Rooms - Stars Beyond

Shining Bird - I Can Run

Skybaby Siren - Day by Day (feat. Elia)

Sticky Fingers - Our Town

The  Griswolds - Out Of My Head

The Khanz - Magazine Perfection

The Laurels - Hit and Miss

The Ruminaters - Bad Bad Things

Tuka - Big Jet Plane (live)

Twin Fires - Two Hands

What So Not x George Maple - Buried (feat. Rome Fortune)


Abbe May - Doomsday Clock

Ashton Kate - Raining On Me Too

FOAM - I Could Milk Myself

Hideous Sun Demon - Bad GIrl

Kav Temperley - Dancing

Lilt - Wait No More

Lucy Peach - Dancin’

Marksman Lloyd - Seven Laps

Matt Gresham - Ghost

Morgain Bain - Summed It Up

Priority One - Not Sorry

The China Blue Experiment - Going Away

Tiaryn - Cement Love

Verge Collection - Postcodes


Timberwolf - The Arrow

Tkay Maidza - Carry On

West Thebarton Brothel Party - Red or White


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