Influential Melbourne Community Radio Station Triple R Kicks Off Annual Radiothon Fundraiser

Influential Melbourne Community Radio Station Triple R Kicks Off Annual Radiothon Fundraiser

The iconic Naarm champion of the musical underground invites you to join One Station Under A Groove from August 26

One of the cities key music and cultural institutions, Melbourne’s Triple R today kick off their 2022 Radiothon, the biggest fundraising event on any not for profit community radio station’s calendar, asking listeners to “keep the mothership afloat” as they celebrate the theme of One Station Under A Groove.

Triple R and all community radio is independent and listener funded, meaning subscriptions are relied upon as a major source of revenue, with listeners encouraged to financially support the station through donations and subscriptions - which come with some pretty cool benefits apart from keeping good music on air, including a wide range of invite-only music and film events, discounts around town, the chance to win great prizes and heaps more.

Station Manager Dave Houchin explains “Triple R’s independent funding is critical to offering an uncompromisingly credible and fun service that allows our volunteer presenters to play the music they want to play, and say what they want to say, and share so many ideas and so much culture that might otherwise go underrepresented. 

Triple R’s once super reliable revenue streams of listener support (in the form of subscriptions and donations) and sponsorship (paid on air announcements promoting events and the like), have both been much more unpredictable over the past two years of the pandemic. That makes this Radiothon a really critical juncture for Triple R. 

A strong result in 2022 outside of a lockdown can set a predictable and reliable bar for future years (and hopefully some future growth). Triple R’s expenses (like everyone’s) are rising very quickly due to inflation. We’d love your support this Radiothon at”

For all information, head over here.

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