Our happiness is slowly creeping back as Powderfinger announce one-time charity gig

Our happiness is slowly creeping back as Powderfinger announce one-time charity gig

The group will stream a performance from their respective home studios next weekend, with all proceeds going to charity.

Just last week, we entered the rumour mill full-steam with coverage hinting at a potential Powderfinger return. There were a couple of hints that suggested something was on the horizon, including social media updates that haven't been done for a near-decade right through to the fact that 2020 is a year of anniversaries for Powderfinger, being ten years since they infamously called it quits with their final ever show in their hometown of Brisbane, as well as 20 years (!) since the release of their most acclaimed record, Odyssey Number Five

Back then, however, we were thinking Falls Festival. Admittedly, it was a big ask - Powderfinger have never played a full show as a full band together since their break-up, and coming together for a full-length festival tour is a bit ambitious and probably very costly as a promoter - but the news of Powderfinger's return started seeping in the day after the mega-festival announced it was going all-Australian in 2020/2021, largely due to the tightening travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19, but also to help support the Australian music industry at its most needed.

Today comes news that they are coming back together (all of them, officially), however not for Falls Festival but rather a one-off charity gig, to be live-streamed from their respective home studios next Saturday, May 23. Titled One Night Lonely, the group will reform for an exclusive YouTube performance from their studios, which suggests that even though this will be Powderfinger's first proper performance in ten years, the band are likely to not even be in the same room as one another - but it still definitely counts!

It'll go down on May 23rd from 5PM AWST / 7PM AEST, with the performance set to go through the band's biggest hits across their discography, while pointing towards two charities that obviously mean a lot for the group - Support Act, being the Australian music mental health charity, and Beyond Blue.

It's gonna be a nice ol' time, so make sure you tune in when it all goes down here and make sure you donate - before, during or after the performance - here, with all donations being split 50/50 between Support Act and Beyond Blue.

Powderfinger presents One Night Lonely - a charity gig:

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