Flashback Friday to that time Play School showed kids how to make a bong

Flashback Friday to that time Play School showed kids how to make a bong


An old segment of ABC's (hit?) kids program Play School has found its way to the greater world wide interwebs today, featuring host Alex Papps demonstrating to the kids out there how to construct a home-made bong. Purists will of course argue that the design in this video clip has plenty of flaws in it, but the foundations are there. And his partner in crime looks equally chuffed/blazed. As one keen Reddit user pointed out, “The two main groups of people watching would be pre-school children and unemployed stoners. They're targeting their audience.”

Anyway, it's Friday, so cheers to the weekend and Play School getting to the youth nice and early. Because if you think about it, what the hell is Papps actually trying to build?


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