New Zealand's Bay Dreams Festival lineup is a tease of this year's all-Australian festivals

New Zealand's Bay Dreams Festival lineup is a tease of this year's all-Australian festivals

The New Zealand festival often shares artists with Australia's summer festivals, and this year's just-announced lineup comes with some hints.

Header image by Liam Fawell.

If you're someone often trying to sleuth festival lineups before they arrive, then chances are you're familiar with New Zealand's Bay Dreams Festival. The double-event, which largely shares the same lineup in two New Zealand locations on two different days in early January, often share a lineup with Australia's own summer festivals, and considering Bay Dreams usually share their lineup a week or two prior to Falls, Beyond The Valley and co., their lineup announces occasionally give a glimpse at who will be touring the country six months from now.

Last year, for example, they announced Halsey, Tyler The Creator, Skepta, Ella Mai and others; the first playing Falls Festival in Australia, while the latter three were shared across the Beyond The Valley / Field Day / Origin Fields circuit. The year before was Cardi B and Migos - both playing that latter trio of festivals - while back in 2018, additions such as DJ Snake, Foster The People and Kehlani preluded Australian tours for all these artists, all around the same time.

As we know, this year's summer festival season is going to be an interesting one for Australia. Due to international travel restrictions and border cut-offs, any international acts - bar possibly New Zealand musicians - are all but cut out of the picture, with Falls Festival particularly announcing that their 2020/2021 lineup will be all-Australian, and reports have shown Laneway Festival eyeing a similar situation. Likewise, Bay Dreams Festival don't feature any international acts outside of the New Zealand / Australian bubble, and as the first summer lineup announced for the year, it comes with a couple of hints at what we may expect.

Leading the way for the Bay Dreams announcement is Flume, a festival favourite and homegrown hero down here who was scheduled to perform at Splendour In The Grass - alongside Bay Dreams alumni Tyler The Creator - before its postponement, and then cancellation into next year. With Splendour and Falls Festival sharing organisers and owners, it's not too far-fetched to picture Flume doing Falls, and considering that Bay Dreams have him as a lock the weekend following, it's clear that he's going to be in Australia/New Zealand at the time anyway.

Also on the lineup is Pendulum Trinity - which would fit right in at Origin Fields, considering the festival's long-standing history with the dance group - and Peking Duk, another festival favourite in Australia who could easily find themselves at both Falls Festival and the Beyond The Valley / Field Day / Origin Fields trio. Other Australian acts include HP Boyz and George Maple, while New Zealand is repped hard as usual, with acts that might be a miss at the Australian festivals: Montell2099, SACHI and The Upbeats, all for example.

Who knows what will happen when these festivals finally get around to their lineups, but it'll have to be coming soon. In the meantime, take a dive into the Bay Dreams Festival lineup below, and start making your predictions:

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