It's a close one: Less than 350 votes are between #1 & #2 in the Hottest 100 this year

It's a close one: Less than 350 votes are between #1 & #2 in the Hottest 100 this year

It's on track to be the closest Hottest 100 since 2007, when Muse beat out Silverchair by just a slither of votes.

In case you haven't cottoned on, this year's Hottest 100 is anyone's game. Without a clear leader à la Bad Guy or Never Be Like You, this year's chart-topping song could be anything - there are about four or five songs with serious contention of taking out the crown this year, including tracks by Spacey Jane, Glass Animals, Cardi B, Ball Park Music and Flume.

We've called Spacey Jane's Booster Seat as the track to beat, and while that seemed to be set in stone for the pole position a matter of weeks ago, we're now finding out that it's a bit closer than initially thought - in fact, almost the closest its ever been. In a post by triple j this morning, they announced that less than 350 votes separate #1 and #2 on this year's tally, the closest its been since 2007 when - somewhat infamously - Muse emerged victorious over Silverchair by just 14 votes.

We're not too sure which of the two tracks are neck and neck, but according to Warm Tunas - who have been updating their site constantly throughout the last few weeks - it's between Glass Animals' Heat Waves and Ball Park Music's Cherub, with Booster Seat sitting close behind alongside Flume's The Difference and G Flip's Hyperfine. Toggling the Warm Tunas by just Instagram Story votes reflects what the standard voter is potentially eyeing, and in that case, it's between Heat Waves and The Difference, with Cherub sitting pretty behind Booster Seat at #4.

Votes close at 3PM AEDT / 12PM AWST next Monday (January 18), so get in quick if you haven't already and put in your final votes here.

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