Introducing ROMII and her sultry new R&B/pop banger, Cupid Love

Introducing ROMII and her sultry new R&B/pop banger, Cupid Love

The artist formerly known as ROMY unveils her first new single in a couple of years.

Gold Coast singer ROMII (formerly ROMY) has finally returned after a couple of years in the wilderness, writing and recording LA with powerhouse producer Bryant Siono (Prince, Kelly Rowland), and the first fruits of that labour are a delight. Cupid Love is a silky smooth piece of R&B-infused pop, and by the sounds of things the first in a swag of fresh tunes incoming.

Check it out and get to know her a little better below:

Tell us about yourself?

I'm ROMII, a singer/songwriter who grew up in Brisbane. Writing songs has always come naturally to me and I began songwriting at the age of 7. I have just recently returned again from Los Angeles where I've been putting the finishing touches on some of my music and visuals, which I'm truly excited about! It has been years in the making...

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

I prefer not to put my style into just one genre or category. My sound has a pop influence with soulful and catchy melodies. I like to create music that grooves, with influences from the 90s.

Production/writing process:

The process I like to start with is to first create the beat. I always like to be involved in this no matter who I'm working with in order to really feel and find the direction of the song. From there I create the melodies, which are typically partnered with words that are incoherent to others (haha) and then I think about the way the music makes me feel. This always sparks a theme or story that I will write the lyrics about.

Can you tell us about your new single, Cupid Love?

After working in LA in the studio with my producer Bryant Siono creating the music together, I went back to my place in Los Angeles to sit alone and think about the lyrics and story. Cupid Love has such a great, fun vibe and I felt I wanted to write the song about love but from a different angle than your typical love song. I thought of Cupid and the mythological Roman story of how the God Cupid would shoot his bow and arrow to make people fall in love. I thought what about Cupid? Surely he wants to fall in love too so I wrote the song from the angle that Cupid felt lonely after witnessing and making endless people fall in love, so he turns the arrow around and finds love for himself. Without knowing the story in depth at the time of writing the song, I later learned that the angle in which I wrote the song from was in fact true. Cupid had hit himself with an arrow to fall in love with the goddess Psyche. After I recorded the vocals, Tim Stewart and Monte Neuble heard the song and wanted to jump on it so they added production and played guitar and keys on the record.

Any shows coming up?

Yes! You'll have to keep an eye out via my website for any announcements!

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Releasing my music, visuals and fashion out into the world!

Where can we hear more of your music?

Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter.


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