Introducing: ZVNE

Introducing: ZVNE

A new player enters the Perth hip hop game.

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ZVNE is 22-year-old hip hop artist born in New Zealand but now based in Perth with a passion for writing, drawing on personal experiences and translating them into a sound both relatable yet unconventional. In early 2017 he'll be launching a new EP, but he recently dropped a new single called Miss America, and we figured why not get to know the guy a little in advance.

Tell us about about yourself?

I’m 22 years old, based in Perth, Australia. I was born in Hamilton, New Zealand and have been in Perth since I ws 5. I’ve been writing and recording music since I was 17 and have developed a strong passion and a unique sound.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

I’d say hip hop based but I don’t like to limit myself to just that, though I am heavily influenced by American hip hop, which is evident in my sound. I definitely write from a rapper’s perspective, but aim to challenge myself in a new way with every piece of work I complete, whether it be a rock-styled beat, EDM, or melody based. I write lyrics and choose beats that I resonate with on an emotional level - I like to call my catalogue “soulsoundz”, and encourage others to dig deep and find their own soul sound.

Production/writing process:

I really don’t have any concrete method in particular - the process happens quite organically and stems from one main aspect: inspiration. I have to feel inspired by the beat/song. So long as it has a vibe I can resonate with, then I can start the process. It may be as simple as me freestyling the concept and building the song that way, or coming across a certain concept in everyday life, writing it down, and finding a beat to suit it. Then there are times where I start with nothing and just see what I can come up with, if anything haha. So there’s a lot to it but no structured process... I consider myself a crazy creative.

What do you do outside of music?

Right now I’m working full-time doing labouring for a glass company. I have two sons and try to keep an active lifestyle, so something I’ve had to learn to maintain is balance, which has been key to my success up to this point.

Any shows coming up?

Nothing in the works right now, but most definitely up for it...

And releases?

I’m currently working with Marcelo Productions on the visuals for my next single Stay Quiet, set to drop at the end of November, as well as an exciting collab with Perth producer Tina Says and the very talented singer Mel Jackson, to be released in the very near future (so hyped for it!), and a couple of side drops in the meantime. All while working on the rollout and launch of my EP, set for 2017.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Staying focused, planning these drops right, and hopefully booking a couple of cool shows and getting everything prepared for 2017. I guarantee it will be the biggest year for me, musically and mentally, so just making sure everything is right and, of course, staying creative!

Where can we hear more of your music?

You can find all my music on my SOUNDCLOUDFACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM for the visuals.

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