Introducing Jesswar and her tough-as-nails debut single/video clip - Savage

Introducing Jesswar and her tough-as-nails debut single/video clip - Savage

The recent Golden Era Records signee releases her debut EP in 2018.

Brisbane-based Fijian hip-hop artist Jesswar - if her debut single and video clip Savage is anything to go by at least - did not come here to fuck spiders. With a first line like "I'm a savage, I'm a cunt", Jesswar plants her flag firmly in the Aus' hip hop sand and stakes her claim as an artist to watch (and watch out for). She recently signed with Golden Era Records, and with her debut EP coming in 2018, we figured best get to know her now, 'cause things are about to get very real.

Tell us about about yourself?

I’m 22 and Fijian. I’ve been writing recording and performing music in Australia since I was 16, but Savage is my first solo release into the Aus' hip hop-scene. I’ve been working on my craft for the past six years trying to perfect the stage show, settle into my vocals and learn as much as I can. It’s only now I feel like I’ve finally found my sound, for a while I was testing and trying; but this is me. I work very hard at my craft and I love things to be done right so I’m excited to push myself even more.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

It’s hard to describe your own music without feeling like an advert but here we go… Bass-driven hip-hop, catchy hooks, mostly up tempo with a few bumps down to the dark side. Essentially if my music were a cocktail it’d be an espresso martini - it's frothy, brown rich, will hype you the fuck up and get you wavy at the same time. But if you really wanna know get a martini and come to the show.

Production/writing process:

I normally write to instrumentals that are sent to me, so as soon as I hear the one that grabs me first I start freestyling to it. This can be a long process. You’re constantly going through beats and you may like the 808s in a track but the snare drum might sound tacky; so it’s a case of emailing back and forth with the producer until it sounds right.

The hook is the first part I will put down. I’ll listen to the freestyled audio and pick the best parts rhythmically and change the lyrics if they’re not strong enough. After this the song idea/topic and vibe is down, so it’s just a case of creating a form guide and writing the verses and bridge if there is one. Then I will record a demo of the song listen to it 50 times and make changes where it’s needed before the final version is recorded.

Can you tell us about your new single, Savage?

I think the clip speaks volumes, it’s a great representation of the energy behind the song. I wrote Savage earlier in the year - not to be shocking, just as a way to say what I wanted over a heavy, bass-driven beat with a hook people could catch. It’s so fun to play live, feeling that raw power reflected back to me from my audience - I hope it gives them as much strength as it has given me.

Any shows coming up?

Sat 2 Dec - Pasifika Wave @ District Studios, Yerronga w/ Kalit, Noah Slee & Baby Mama

Fri 8 Dec - The Flamin Galah, Brisbane w/ Miss Blanks

Sat 13 Jan - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane w/ Miss Blanks

Fri 19 Jan - Gasometer, Melbourne w/ Miss Blanks

Sat 20 Jan - Tokyo Sing Song, Sydney w/ Miss Blanks

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

From now till December just playing the last few shows we have left and finishing up the EP. It’s been a big year work wise but I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve received and I’m so ready to unleash the EP on y’all next year. Probably also spend a week laxin' by the ocean with my partner eating fish all day, looking forward to that part! This year has been definitely an epic one so some much needed down time to reflect and relax.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Youtube, Spotify, iTunes.

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