Listen: Alter Boy - I Repent

Listen: Alter Boy - I Repent

W.A. queerlectro group continue their meteoric rise with new single ahead of performances at Vivid & WA Day

Continuing their run of addictively catchy singles is Boorloo / Perth’s Alter Boy, who today unveil their latest creation, the epic and catchy I Repent. An ode to self-forgiveness and transformation,  I Repent is a catchy journey through modern, epic electronic r&b that pulls you in with it’s soaring opening synths and doesn’t let go.

Alter Boy’s frontperson, Molly Priest reflects on the track, It’s a reminder that each of us is worthy of admission, and that it’s okay to release ourselves from past mistakes. I describe my younger self as ‘the old man in the rocking chair who sits on the porch with the shotgun’. I thought everybody was out to hurt me, I was dysregulated and avoidant, and I really didn’t know what was happening to me. And I’ve had to forgive myself for some of my behaviour at that time.

One of my favourite quotes is by Richard Kadrey. He says, “when you’re born in a burning house you think the whole world is on fire.” Many of us have to learn that it’s not, and then we need to forgive ourselves for acting like it was. 

I’m fortunate to be able to use my life as an example and to use my experiences to help other young people to understand what’s happening to them, and to put in the work toward being a healthier person. My work also gives me the insight to know that a lot of people share this experience. If we repent, then we admit that we’ve done something destructive or that we’ve made mistakes and that’s a difficult thing to concede in a society that likes to categorise people as either good or bad.”



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