Yolanda Be Cool's guide to doing New Year's Day right

Yolanda Be Cool's guide to doing New Year's Day right

Five simple steps to improve your New Year's Day even more.

This year the most excellent dudes at Sweat It Out! are throwing one heck of a New Year's Day party at The Ivy in Sydney, featuring a host of acts from their roster that you can squiz at down the bottom of this post because the poster is too nice not to share. One of them is Aussie maestros of all things bump'n house, Yolanda Be Cool, and to celebrate the occassion the Andy half of the duo has given us five handy tips to making sure you do New Year's Day properly, because New Year's Eve is always a hassle. Oh and check out a teaser of their new tune, Pump The Rump, featuring Dirtybird records alumni, Worthy:

1. Don’t blow your load on NYE:

It's very easy to lose your shit on NYE and blow your stash, your brain cells and general NYD vibe the night before. Not saying don’t do anything, just saying try not forget that the NYD is always EPIC and whilst we have started quite a few NYDays sitting around a mate's living room at 8:00am from the night before, it's probably best avoided.

2. Team swim/surf and breakfast:

If you managed to avoid the NYD bender, then we suggest catching up with your mates for a team swim/surf and breakfast before you start slicking your hair back and cracking open your first beer, or bottle of champagne if you're on the ritzy tip.

3. Get there early:

On a lot of occasions being fashionably late is cool, but there is only one NYD and we reckon getting to the party early to have a few beers with your close mates before the place gets too hectic is a good idea. You can then watch the party build around you as opposed to walking in to room full of mutants. Plus often the free drinks/food comes out early so may as well eat something whilst you still feel like it :).

4. Make a plan:

We always check the line-up/set times for any party we are going to as we walk in. Decide then with your crew who you want to see and make plans to meet front right at the start of the set.

5. Ditch the plan:

Whilst you may have made a plan to meet your five munted mates at the front right of the stage at 5:00pm to see ____ play, don’t be scared to just brush the plan if you are having fun where you are. Live in the moment, have a tequila shot with the hottie and take a selfie so you actually remember how cute she was before you blew it when you are going through your cameral roll the next day.

SWEAT IT OUT NYD POOL PARTY (click image to go to the Facebook event):

sweat it out nyd poster

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