Premiere: Listen to Comfort Me, an airy new slice of electro-pop from Scotland's TRAAPS

Premiere: Listen to Comfort Me, an airy new slice of electro-pop from Scotland's TRAAPS

Getting some wonderful Purity Ring vibes from this duo.

Scottish duo TRAAPS are the result of likeminded people converging over beers and realising they've got a lot in common, one things being an affinity for atmospheric, luscious, electronic pop. Having performed and toured with bands for a number of years, a chance meeting found them bonding over music and since then they've been releasing some wonderful music together. And their latest cut is Comfort Me, an engrossing, off-kilter slice of elecronic-pop that grabs hold of you and is difficult to shake. It "tells a story of two people being separated after what was good, but is now broken. Both not knowing what's happening, confused by what has become of the relationship. Darkened bass synths, 808s, and lucid airy vocals that also come off as cathartic and strong which helps to tell the story of the break up."

It's pretty damn beautiful, and we're chuffed to premeire it today:


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