Premiere: Welcome to the ethereal world of Yollks and her new single, Substance

Premiere: Welcome to the ethereal world of Yollks and her new single, Substance

Ahead of the track's single launch on April 21, where she'll be donating funds to HoMie who distribute clothes to homeless youth.

Following on from the release of her debut single, Return To Sender, late last year Melbourne-based producer Yollks has returned with an ambitious new track in Substance. Co-produced by Sam Hasell and mixed/mastered by Guy Louis (RKDA, Aeora), Substance is at first a somber number, gradually bulding into a dramatic and powerful piece of left-field electronica. Given we've enjoyed both of her singles so far, we sent her a few questions to get to know her a little better, which you can check out once you've streamed Substance, below.

Tell us about about yourself?

I always struggle with this question and I’m not sure why! I’m a media student living in Melbs, have a passion for making music and anything music related. I have a tiny dog named Mozart, and I once got my underwear caught on the fence at a wildlife park near the wallaby enclosure.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

I would say my music sits somewhere on the dark/ambient electronic spectrum. I think lately I’ve been working on some tracks that definitely have more of a dance vibe to them too so you can expect more of that in the future for sure.

Production/writing process:

I usually start with a weird sample or sound to play around with and then build the song from there. I’ll add drums and then form the basis of the melody adding more sounds as I go (synths, bass, etc). I usually don’t finalise my lyrics until ages down the track though, so earlier on in the production process my lyrics quite often consist of me spitting out melodic gibberish to a beat until I’m ready to form the concept of what I want the track to be about.

Can you tell us about the single we’re premiering today, Substance?

Substance starts off relatively chill but slowly rises and builds, it gets a little ravey towards the end. That’s production-wise anyway.

The lyrics are about seeing the warning signs of something/someone that you know is toxic and trying not to fall into old patterns regardless of how easy or comfortable it seems at the time.

You’re launching it in Melb on April 21, and also raising funds for HoMie – can you tell us a bit about that and also who you’ve got playing?

Yeah! I’ve never been so keen for a gig tbh. HoMie are a brand I care a lot about, what they’re doing is so important. As well as distributing clothes to homeless youth they also employ and train those transitioning out of homelessness which can be such a taboo thing at times. They’re super innovative and are really helping in removing the stigma attached to homelessness. I’d implore everyone to hop on their site and learn about more about what they’re doing. So we’ve paired up with them for the single launch. $5 of every pre-sale ticket sold will be donated to HoMie and we’ll be selling some of their merch at the launch. I’m addicted to their streetwear, I pretty much buy all my hats and tees from them. Playing alongside me at the launch are Aphir, Elkkle and OCDANTR which is kind of a dream line-up. I’m extremely honoured to have them alongside me for this show (which you can find more info about HERE).

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I’ll be releasing another single or two this year for sure. Aside from that, just gonna keep playing shows, making tunes and eating eggs.

Where can we hear more of your music?


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