Taiki Nulight talks tech, touring and his new album, Murky Manor

Taiki Nulight talks tech, touring and his new album, Murky Manor

Chatting with our own Australian house/bass hero, Hood Rich.

Brighton-based producer Taiki Nulight has been carving a name for himself on the global dance music scene for a number of years with his unique blend of house, garage and bass music, culminating in the recent release of his new album, Murky Manor. Released via Night Bass Records, it features 11 club-ready dark and dirty club bangers, some of which featuring Night Bass homies like AC Slater and Chris Lorenzo.

One of Australia's finest purveyors of house and bass, Hood Rich, caught up with Taiki recently to find out a little more about the album, his process, tech and more - check it out below:

Murky Manor is a really dope piece of work, brilliant job! Where does the name come from?

Thank you! I always tend to picture an environment when I produce music and throughout the LP I kept picturing this ominous and murky house. So I called it Murky House and eventually changed it to Manor.

Did you have an original vision for the album before starting? And do you feel you achieved that vision?

I find it hard to talk about music that's why I make it. To put it as best I can, I wanted to have a spectrum of tracks ranging from deep to heavy but still tarnished with the murky atmosphere. If that makes sense.

Was the album writing process different to an EP? Or much the same?

Initially I didn’t comprehend the value of an album as much so I was just writing as much music as I could. It was a blessing in disguise really. I ended up with like 25 tracks which were 70% finished. Then I lessened the number to 11 and polished them up over the next few months, constantly retouching and re-tweaking.

What were your 3 biggest influences for the album?

Lorenzo, Joker, AC slater and D1’s Hip Hop Halloween LP.

If you have some down time between shows and writing, what's your favourite time killer?

Probably bouncing between seeing friends and family, gaming, eating anything but fish. Yeah.

Do you have a particular comfort food or restaurant you like to hit after getting home from an international tour?

There’s a dope Korean placed called Namul in Brighton.

You're currently on the road doing shows, besides playing the gigs, what's something you always look forward to on tour?

Meeting new people, seeing old friends. Travelling for sure.

Can you please share with us your three favourite classic garage records?

Colours - Hold On feat. June Hamm (SE22 Mix). Bigga G - Mind, Body & Soul (4x4 Mix). MJ Cole - Sincere.

Is there a piece of technology that you can't wait to be invented/created?

Wireless everything.

If you were a professional sportsmen, what sport would you play and why?

Pro snowboarding. Because it’s better than skiing.

Is there any rituals you have in the studio?

I always make music at night and I sometimes have to feel the speaker with my hand. I feel like I can feel like better lol. If that makes sense. I find it easier to tell if that low end is sitting right. But apart from that nothing really but a cup of tea.

What's the coolest production tip you've learnt in the last 12 months?

Not really a tip but for me it's break old habits and keep learning every day.

Do you have any secret or lesser known plugins that are always in your sessions and how do you use them?

Chromophone 2 for all my fx and risers and general fx ‘glue’ I guess.

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