Get to know LA-based duo RKCB and their "sexistential" brand of electronic soul

Get to know LA-based duo RKCB and their "sexistential" brand of electronic soul

Their last couple of singles have been pretty damn good.

Header photo by Alex Stoddard.

Having spent a fair chunk of the year of our lord 2018 locked away in the studio, LA-based duo RKCB have come out swinging in recent times with some searing new singles in Alone With You Pt. 2 and more recently, Know Love. Both tracks bring that silky smooth blend of sultry R&B and electronica, with an irresistible warmth that only adheres you to them further. The former also comes with a visually stunning new video clip, bridging the gap between 2018 RKCB and 2017, when Alone With You Pt. 1 was released.

We hit 'em up to find out a little more before they inevitably begin to invade Aussie shores as a huge 2019 looms.

Tell us about yourselves?

Hi! We are Riley and Casey from Los Angeles, California. We’ve been making music together for about five years and haven’t slowed down. Right now we are getting ready to release a LOT more music, which we are very happy about.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Sexistential soul music. Sonically, our songs have a way of transcending genres and blending styles, but the music consistently has a soulful backbone with electronic highlights. The next EP has the most diverse set of songs we’ve written to date, with some being electronic with others being fully acoustic folk. You’ll have to listen for yourself and tell us what you think.

Production/writing process:

We have a tag team production/writing process. Both of us are fully proficient instrumentalists as well as songwriters, so most of the time we will switch off writing and producing multiple times throughout a session. This helps keep things fresh and prevent any sort of writers block. For this EP we worked with a good amount of co producers as well which helped to speed up the overall process.

Can you tell us about Alone With You Pt. 2 and its video clip?

This song was written about a year and a half ago but always felt special to us, so when it came time to put together the EP we wanted to have this song be the bridge between our last EP and this upcoming music. The video portion was inspired by our last video, which blended together three songs into a short story. We took the same amazing lead actress and brought her into a more ethereal alternate reality which became Part 2.

Any shows coming up?

Definitely next year. We are in the middle of planning our new live show and where we want to take it.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

More music, more videos and more surprises.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Our music is available anywhere that streams music (Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music). We’ve also got our own sample packs with all of our sounds/stems available on Splice.


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