Two of indie-pop's 2019 break-outs, BENEE and girl in red, interview each other

Two of indie-pop's 2019 break-outs, BENEE and girl in red, interview each other

The two acts, amongst pop music's best new forces, will be playing Spotify's Front Left Live party in October.

There's been a lot of exciting pop music to emerge this year, whether it be already-established heavyweights putting out long-awaited albums - Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen the two that spring to mind immediately - or newcomers finding their footings and putting out some of the year's best music in the process. The latter category are a bunch of acts we've been talking about more and more these days, and internationally speaking, it's hard to go beyond BENEE and girl in red as two representatives of this bracket, each blossoming into some of 2019's brightest pop names as they navigate their first releases.

To re-introduce yourselves just in case, BENEE is the New Zealand star-in-the-making whose second single, last year's Soaked, opened the doors for BENEE to become one of New Zealand's most promising new artists, with her debut EP earlier this year - FIRE ON MARZZ - preluding a superstar who eventually, next year, finds herself on the Laneway Festival lineup. Then, there's girl in red, the Norway-raised rising star yet to make her Australian debut, but is coming off the back of a consistent stream of releases that include two EP's (chapter 2 earlier this month being her last) and a bunch of singles amongst the world's most-streamed. 

Together, they - and a collection of other artists identified as being some of pop music's most forward-thinking names - are coming together at Melbourne's Forum Theatre for Spotify's Front Left Live; capturing the brilliance of the world's slightly off-kilter pop scene through the acts quickly dominating it: Sweden's Tove Lo, Florida success story Dominic Fike, rising up-start Tones And I, the incredible Electric Fields, and the aforementioned BENEE and girl in red. Tickets are sold out, but there's an opportunity to win tickets HERE

In the meantime, however, dive into an interview between BENEE and girl in red below, who chat Norway, Billie Eilish, streaming and more. Jump into it all below:

spotify front left live

BENEE interviews girl in red:

I’m fascinated by Scandinavia! What’s it like being part of the music scene in Norway?

It doesn’t really feel like anything to be honest. I guess from the outside it’s easy to think that if u get into any music scene/ ‘’industry’’ u feel a part of it, but now that I am in it it’s not really much to be a part. everyone is just doing their own stuff and so am i.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve heard your song?

I can’t think of any weird places I’ve heard a song. and I don’t know of any places that it would be weird to hear a song? like music is being played everywhere aaall the time.

Your music is super dreamy what inspires your sound the most?

Other sounds usually inspire my sound. so if i'm browsing thru some guitar amp plugins I inspired by the sounds I like. and then I get ideas from those sounds.

Who or what has inspired your music the most?

Many small different things all the time, but I think what inspires me the most are the short videos I see in my head when I mess around on any instrument cause it allows me to write what I see.

If you could collaborate with anyone right now who would it be and why?

Finneas and Billie Eilish! dUH they make sick music

girl in red interviews BENEE:

Ur artist name reminds me of a bee zzzz z z z. after listening to ur music I feel that I can hear that it's BENEE-music u know what I mean? I can hear that it’s YOU! how did you find your sound? was it easy/hard?

Haha I like dat! Faw shaw I think it took a while for me to find my sound, I definitely went through a bunch of demos till I hit on my sound! I think it just took a heap of experimenting and kinda trying different styles to figure out how I could make a fresh sound that I was happy with! I think even now I’m still evolving my sound & I try to keep spicing it up (::

How has your musical expression changed since you first started making music?

I’ve become a lot more confident in what I like and dislike... I’m definitely now not so afraid to take risks and mix it up!

What's your thoughts on making music today? in terms of streaming, social media and how it affects artists?

I think it’s hella crazy! I think right now it’s a seriously exciting time! Streaming offers this crazy new way of absorbing music & social media is this whole world of making real contact with people whose music you love. I think it’s so coool how someone can simple dm you on Instagram saying how much they appreciate your art. I mean there are definitely downsides to all of these new platforms but I think overall it’s revolutionary.

What are some good (and bad if u want to) things about living and creating music in New Zealand? do you think your surroundings has made an impact on you as an artist?

I feel as though there’s not as much pressure for me here to fit a certain mould. I love my physical environment here & it inspires my creative work a heap! I love being able to travel to new places and experience the world but I feel like I have a safe haven to come back to and call home.

What's next!! hows the BENEE future looking like?

Haha! I have a pretty hectic schedule in the next six months! Have a bunch of shows lined up & more music will come out soon that I’m super excited to share with everyone. I’m just goin with the floooowww and enjoying myself (:


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