Gallery: Kira Puru takes us behind Why Don’t We Get Along's video

Gallery: Kira Puru takes us behind Why Don’t We Get Along's video

The single and its official video clip comes ahead of a handful of shows throughout the rest of the year.

Header image by Nelly Skoufatoglou.

It takes a rare breed of artist to be just as captivating visually as they are musically, and Kira Puru is an artist definitely among that elite group. Since her 2017 return Tension, Kira is an artist who can take a song - an already great song, at that - and execute a visual for it that increases its greatness ten-fold, whether it be bold cover arts or colourful press shots that have come to define her image in the last two years, or music videos amongst the country's best; her green screen-lit masterpiece Molotov being one that jumps to mind immediately.

It's something that's come to somewhat define the musician just as much as her craft in hook-driven pop music that sits a touch left of centre; her bold and bright music always perfectly accompanied with matching visuals that take it to the next level, and we're stoked to say that moving into the second half of 2019 and beyond, it's something that's continuing.

Ahead of an appearance on ABC’s The Set tonight, her new single Why Don't We Get Along is a masterclass in Kira Puru's upbeat and witty brand of pop music, delivering an ode to a couple that lack sexual chemistry as her triumphant vocal soars above a production that veers slightly to the left of her usual sound; her typically quite accessible electro-pop grooves subdued in favour of something more R&B-esque with shimmering gospel choirs and gentle sways. "It’s about frustration," she says on the track. "Having everything but one ingredient in a perfect recipe and trying to figure out whether it’s still worth baking a cake."

It arrives with a video that - you guessed it - really doubles down on that aforementioned Kira Puru charm, with the musician stealing the show every single shot, regardless of whether she's being pulled apart or drawn on by a bunch of kids as she visually brings to life the single's gospel grooves. It's directed by Josh Harris and you can check it out below, with a photo gallery going behind-the-scenes of the clip, annotated by Kira Puru herself. Get swept up in Why Don't We Get Along and then get an inner peak at its creation below:

kp 000001

I'm not sure how I managed it, but the last shot on the last day required me to just lay on the ground while the rest of the cast had to run around the room.

kp 000002

Between shots on the second and last night of the shoot, vaping vanilla custard and thinking about wine.

kp 000003

My amazing MUA (makeup artist), Jess Jenkins giving me a much-needed beat.

kp 000004

On location at Keystone Hall with our extras for the Town Hall scene.

kp 000005

The aftermath of the school scene. You should have seen the kids, eyes wide with excitement, when we told them their job for the day was to torture me.

kp 000006

Our cast of naughty kids. Hows the personality in this one snap? Shout out to Ron, our amazing kid-wrangler, too.

kp 000007

tbh I think I make a pretty convincing school teacher.

kp 000008

The crew, cramped into our tiny cabin on location at Daylesford Holiday Park. It was like one degree and we had to make everyone stand out in the cold during takes with pockets full of those hand warmer things. From the left: my manager Cathy, our Production Manager Leah, Director Josh Harris, our DoP Dave McKinnar, Production Assistant and extra, Joe Gaines and my handsome onscreen bf, Lucas Beckert Berger.

kp 000009

Proof that if you leave me to my own character development and styling, I'm going to write myself into a scene set in bed, in pjs, with a glass of wine.

kp 000010

Lucas in his sad-boy makeup.

kp 000011

Having a cuppa between shots at Daylo Holiday Park.

kp 000012

The whistle was my idea haha.

kp 000013

kp 000014

kp 000015

This was an improvised shot on the day. We tied the arms together for a laugh and had Jess and Joe slip into them for a three-way cuddle.

Tour Dates: 

Friday 27 September | Jam In A Jar - UNSW, Sydney NSW
Saturday 5 October | Yours and Owls - Stuart Park, Wollongong NSW
Saturday 23 November | Grapevine Gathering - Grapevine Estate, Mickleham VIC
Saturday 30 November | Grapevine Gathering - Roche Estate, Pokolbin NSW
Sunday 1 December | Grapevine Gathering - Sandalford Estate, Swan Valley WA

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