Premiere: SŸDE make a long-awaited entrance to 2019 with Her Touch

Premiere: SŸDE make a long-awaited entrance to 2019 with Her Touch

The Melbourne duo's 'quality over quantity' approach to music releasing continues to pay off.

It's hard to say that an artist is one of your favourites just a few songs into their career, but for SŸDE, we'd be lying if we said anything but. Since their Ashe-assisted 2016 debut Orbit, the Melbourne-based duo have only dropped two songs since - 2017's Above The Clouds and last year's Follow Me - but their quality-over-quantity releasing method has us drawing early comparisons to Hayden James' domination of electronic music between 2015 to 2018 (which was also achieved through a one-song-a-year release rate), positioning them as one of the country's most exciting names in indie-electronica even without a larger-length project.

In 2019, this is seemingly continuing, and we're not complaining. Her Touch is the duo's first release for 2019 and it's a natural progression from the Evan Klar-featuring Follow Me, showcasing their evolution as a duo continually refining their songwriting and production skillset without veering too far out of their sound and vision. Fronted by a hazy vocal feature, Her Touch is a swelling blend of stripped-away guitar and subtle keys, which combined with their soft synth and that touch of percussion to keep everything in pace, presents itself as a lush, deeply-layered single that marks SŸDE's ability to make complex productions feel simple and easy on the ear, while lyrically, the song moves with a slight shading of romanticism that further elevates it. "The song is about passion, feeling passion and then the sensation of not caring
once you’ve lost it," the say. "We wanted to touch on the craziness of feeling love so intensely but then the flip side when you’re out of love. It’s like you completely forget the feelings you once had when you were in that relationship."

"The production started by throwing down a few chords on the piano," they continue to explain on the track, this time talking about its production. "Then we built everything up from there by adding some guitar and building it to a place where we felt it had some groove in the chorus. We recorded everything production-wise in our home studio, which was cool as we just went with the flow. It feels more special to us to be able to record everything on the fly and think later."

Dive into the single below with its official video clip:


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