Premiere: Setwun - HBY

Premiere: Setwun - HBY

Take a sneaky first listen to a new single of jazzy, uplifting broken beats from Sydney’s Setwun, lifted from a forthcoming Allysha Joy curated compilation

In the modern world of jazzy, soulful (sometimes broken) beats, artists don’t get much more influential or passionate than Allysha Joy. Whether it be fronting 30/70 or in solo form (having recently released her second album that she told us all about here), Joy is always pushing boundaries, as well as championing others music, as is the case on forthcoming various artists compilation album They’re Energised - Compiled by Allsha Joy, set for a November 18 release courtesy of CoOp Presents.

Featuring new sounds from both familiar and fresh names, the compilation's genesis occurred after Joy had been asked to step up for a guest mix for Worldwide FM, choosing to ask some of her extremely talented friends for any unreleased music… which she got in spades. Featuring artists such as Sampology, Squidenini, Horatio Luna, Silentjay, Special Feelings and many more, the first single from the compilation comes courtesy of Sydney’s Setwun in the form of HBY.

A vibe filled affair, HBY opens with a detuned, fuzzed out jazz sample before giving way to intricate, syncopated beats, bubbling bass, uplifting keys and a few vocal samples thrown in for good measure, with the arrangement taking a few twists and turns while keeping an emphasis on head nod inducing rhythms.

Give HBY a listen as it premiers on Pilerats today ahead of its October 28 release!

They’re Energised - Compiled by Allsha Joy is out November 18

Theyre Energised

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