Premiere: Jax Anderson shares the clip for In The Morning, new mixtape out today

Premiere: Jax Anderson shares the clip for In The Morning, new mixtape out today

The Detroit artist's new mixtape - titled Bedroom B Sides: Volume 1 - is a 12-strong collection of tracks revived from past demos.

We've always had a tight connection with Jax Anderson, but really, how could you not? The Detroit-based musician is amongst the next frontier of pop's wide-ranging versatility of sounds, and is someone whose imprint on the future goes long beyond just her own trajectory, working and elevating others throughout a various number of projects spread throughout the last few years. Look at Assemble Sound, for example: A project launched and spearheaded by Jax (and some close peers and friends) back in the days where she was writing as Flint Eastwood, which since then, has helped the musical careers of many up-and-comers prosper.

Musically, Jax has grown and grown throughout the years, moving from a name synonymous with this genre-fleeting next generation as her performing pseudonym Flint Eastwood, right through to someone who - as predicted - is now standing tall amongst that future under her own name; her music blossoming and evolving as she grows herself. It's something that's been visible throughout everything she's put out over the last few years, from the break-out Broke Royalty EP in 2017 through to 2019's six-track Heal and everything that lays in-between and either-side.

It's something that's even shown through the songs that find themselves on the cutting room floor, as represented by her newcoming mixtape Bedroom B Sides: Volume 1. Released today, the 12-track mixtape consists of a collection of tracks that were left in demo form while writing other material, brought back to life and re-energised as a kind-of collaborative project between Jax and her fans across the ongoing COVID lockdowns. They were chosen and worked on through the means of social media, allowing those around her to help build the release and craft it into something they'd like to say - a passion project of kinds, that says something special about the connection and respect held between Jax and those around her.

"Here's the deal: I write a lot of songs. like almost 1000 songs just sitting on different hard drives.," she tells us. "I think every artist struggles with overthinking & a lot of times that leads to inaction. it definitely did that for me. so for this project, I wanted to practice getting over overthinking. so I took the decision making out of my hands & made it into a choice for listeners to make. I started hosting weekly livestreams where I played unreleased demos & had watchers vote which one they wanted me to release. I gave myself 1 week to finish the song & create a video.... no excuses. I had no time to overthink & it truthfully felt amazing. this is a record that my fans decided on. I don't feel like I'm releasing a record - I feel like we all are."

It's a record full of constantly shifting sounds that span across influences through pop, indie, country, hip-hop, rock and well-beyond; a mixtape full of highlights that showcase the strengths of Jax, even through songs initially left for later, pushed to the side due to better material. One song that stands tall amongst it all is In The Morning, and today we're premiering the single's official video clip, directed and edited by Jax in yet another showcase of her multi-faceted prowess, and how the DIY-esque culture that underpinned her rise continues to pay off.

Musically, In The Morning is a bursting pop song that captures Jax Anderson at her peak, mixing together this rich sense of nostalgia for festival-ready acts like Phoenix and Foster The People with Jax's own distinct charm that separates it from its comparables. It's bright and wind-swept, with echoing choruses and euphoric vocal releases dancing amongst a rich tapestry of percussion and sampling, held together by moving bass lines and playful melodies that really all come together with this bright-eyed, hands-clenched euphoric feeling.

"This song is a manifesto of following your gut and your true wants," she says. "It’s saying a big fuck you to every family/society/friend expectation & doing what you know is right for yourself. It’s a soundtrack to your grandest adventure. It’s quitting your job and finally going on that cross country road trip you’ve always wanted to do. It’s starting that business. It’s making and releasing art. It’s freedom."

Video-wise, the visuals tap into that sense of bold euphoria with Jax in the spotlight, placing Jax - many, many, many Jax's, to be frank - throughout bright backdrops littered with blue skies and flower-painted walls, as clever video editing and this aforementioned DIY spirit comes together to produce one of the better lockdown-created videos we've seen.

It's a real fun time, and you can take a dive into the video below, alongside the mixtape above which you can stream when it hits Friday, October 16th in your respective timezone (and you can buy the whole thing here, too). 

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