Premiere: Introducing pop's next local force lovemedo, and his debut song re-like you

Premiere: Introducing pop's next local force lovemedo, and his debut song re-like you

Combining glistening synth with catchy, bright-eyed hooks, lovemedo's debut is a well-earned burst out the gates.

There's really not too much we can say to introduce an artist without a single release under his belt, so let us just say this – lovemedo may be your next favourite act. It's a project from New South Wales' Central Coast who after years of finding his footings as a singer-songwriter typically seen behind-the-scenes, is finally branching out and blossoming into his own artist - not too far off from names like Jesse Saint John and Leland, who we introduced on a long-read on this very topic earlier this year. Although lovemedo may not have co-writes for Britney and Troye Sivan under his belt, it's not too big of a leap to say he's an artist of similar calibre; something his debut single, re-like you, is out to prove.

It's a clanging pop tune that carries the weight of some of our international heavy-hitters but redistributed in a way that keeps the single feeling light and joyous. Production-wise, it carries everything we've come to love from the left-field side of pop music not just arising through Australia, but internationally - clanging percussive twangs, glass smashings, bass groove switch-ups and glistening synth melodies among them - pairing them with vocals that twist and turn between sounding very quick-paced and hip-hop-inspired to moments more hook-based and triumphant, offering a look into an artist striving through a versatile, genre-less approach to pop music.

re-like you very much feels like lovemedo's attempt at establishing himself as a musician and as an artist, as well as what he wants to bring to the table as these, from the get-go. It's a hefty task that often takes single runs or EPs to achieve, but with a burst-out-the-gates as strong as re-like you, we can really see it happening. Listen to the single below, premiering today ahead of its official release tomorrow, and get to know one of our pop stars in the making while you're at it.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m lovemedo, a 20-year-old, self-produced pop artist from the Central Coast. As a kid that was born into a musical family, I feel like I’ve been making music ever since I can remember. I’ve been a part of multiple projects and have produced other artist's songs for years, but this project is a defining one for me... I’ve finally found the art that I truly want to make.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

I guess it’s loud pop music. I’ve always loved those pop anthems that you find yourself soundtracking your life to... at any time you can momentarily step into that nostalgic world and euphoria. other times it can create a longing for a memory or time that you may never even have lived.. so I try to recreate that myself. lovemedo is eclectic, genre-less and so very me.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Most of my writing takes place in my bedroom, car, the shower or even whilst standing in the middle of a gig or club... I’ve found that my best writing comes from the spontaneous word vomit that is my brain haha. I’ll voice memo melodies, drum patterns and hooks... after that I take it straight down to my studio to record.

Can you tell us about your latest single, re-like you?

Unlike my writing in the past, re-like you was one of those songs that I never really wrote with the intentions for someone to hear it, I think that’s why it was written in such an honest/frank sort of way. this kind of writing helped me realise that this situation happened to me, and not just the other people involved... there was really no other way that I could write about it. this song is a prime example of why I make music... I can turn something that messed me up, into something that I can now sing and dance about.

When I got around to producing this track, everything that came felt very instinctive and happened quite quickly. For me, this is how I know I’m onto something. the industrial/mechanical sort of sound palette came first as I’ve always loved loud, hard-hitting 80’s drum & bass. After that was there, I wanted to make things sound as pretty and uplifting as possible. Oh! and the glass smash... every great chorus has that one sound to let you know its coming.

Any tour dates coming up?

My biggest fear is making boring music... so when it comes to the shows you can bet your life that I’ll be just as, if not more particular, obsessive and retentive when putting them together. So no dates at this stage, but they aren’t far off.

What does 2019 have in store for you?

I’d like to think 2019 has a lot in store for me, but nothing comes that easy... I think 2019 will be a year of hard work, building and bettering myself at everything I do.

Where can we find more of your music?

re-like you is my debut! I have a bunch of new music coming very very soon so keep an eye out! But right now you can stream re-like you everywhere!!!


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