Premiere: FLUIR emerges a dance-pop force with new single, Make Me Feel

Premiere: FLUIR emerges a dance-pop force with new single, Make Me Feel

With every single, Sydney-based musician FLUIR creeps a little bit closer to the newcoming pop crown.

Over the last few years, a name we've been keeping a close eye on in the dance-pop world is Sydney-based musician FLUIR. Often enlisting PNAU's Sam Littlemore on production, the musician has flourished within the dance-pop space within much of the last two years, with a string of singles - 2017's break-out Only One, 2018's captivating Change (the song we introduced FLUIR to the world through) and last year's bright Higher Ground - navigating her craft in high-tier pop hooks and its intersection with groovy, synth-dominated electronica.

Thanks to these tracks (and what else she has in the pipeline), it's clear that FLUIR is a name worth keeping an eye on within the legion of homegrown pop newcomers, and that's something that looks set to continue with the release of her new single, Make Me Feel. Premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release this Friday, Make Me Feel is a driving single that sees FLUIR take full creative control, producing the single - alongside collaborator Chi - and showcase her vision as she goes.

The end result, is a single that captures the electronic energy of her past work - the driving rhythms, the explosion of synth, the somewhat euphoric qualities of festival-ready house-pop - but in a bit of a different scope, with this single feeling a little more centralised on her captivating vocals as opposed to the production it often has to battle with. As a result, you get a greater sense of the emotion that sits behind FLUIR's music, and how she balances that with a sense of euphoria which takes you away from your problems and offers comfort in times of need.

"At the time I wrote Make Me Feel I was studying music production, living in a new city, writing my upcoming EP and spending every spare moment going out and listening to live music," she says on the single. "I wanted to write a song that captured how I was feeling at the time and also wanted make other people happy. This song is about wasting away your weekends and being genuinely happy. Given what's currently going on in the world, this song has taken on a whole new nostalgia. I hope this song can bring a little light into the world during this time."

There's a lot to come from FLUIR, who with taking complete control over the project, is quickly building a universe that'll home who she is. Last year, she teamed up with Australian musician Sparrows to launch a new record label - Rola Door Records - and with a full-length EP arriving via the new imprint later this year, there's plenty in the pipeline for a musician everyone should be keeping a close eye onto.

In the meantime, however, dive into Make Me Feel below:


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