Onra is building hype for the release of Chinoiseries Pt. 3 with some fire cuts from it

Onra is building hype for the release of Chinoiseries Pt. 3 with some fire cuts from it

And we are massively on board.

Remember The Anthem?

This longstanding oriental inspired beat comes from Arnaud Bernard (Onra)'s 2007 record Chinoiseries Pt. 1. The Anthem has received acclaim globally as well as being remixed by our very-own poster boy Flume (a fact I know Onra isn’t all that pleased about after he called Harley out at a live show I attended years ago).

Now a decade later, with Chinoiseries Pt. 2 being released in 2012, Onra thinks it’s just about time he gifts us the third installment. Over the past two weeks Bernard has released three fiery beat constructions off the third volume in the form of The Spirit Blossoms All Over The Land, Autumn Moon Shining Over A Calm Lake, Will I See You Again?, and just yesterday, Loyalty.

After rinsing these over the past few days, I feel there’s a whole lot to get excited about when the full length drops on March 10th via All City Records. After his most recent 90s hip hop offering, 2015's Fundamentals, I felt Onra’s strength lay in his origins i.e. sounds from China and Vietnam. By all means broaden your musical horizons, but there’s no denying this is what he’s best at. And heck I don’t want to jump the gun but I have an inkling that he’s back to business on this soon-to-be released album.

Spirit Blossoms All Over The Land popped up on SoundCloud about a week ago and really packs a genuine Onra punch!

The crackle and fizz that underlays the track is what’s most appealing, almost like your listening to the tune from an elderly boom box, a tactic used to success in his beats from many moons ago. Mechanical whirs combine with fat drumbreaks as we’re spun into a familiar frenzy from the Parisian. This one’s an outright circuit plug, sparking attention from the get go!

Just two days later, we were gifted with Autumn Moon Shining Over The Calm Lake. As the title suggests this offering is a far more tranquil and meditative construction. Echoed synths and oriental strings brew the soup nicely which then transforms into something a little more modern with what sound like looping sparrows cries – head nodding material for all those beat aficionadas.

Will I See You Again? is a real short cut at only 1:47 - this one’s straight monastery vibes, my mind conjures up smooth baldheads and the flow of red robes. The piece is dominated by a wailing Dizi, a Chinese-style flute favored by monks throughout Asia. As the song nears halfway, Bernard slides in distinctive vocal cuts that further drag you into a totally Asian environment. When I talked about oriental roots earlier on…this is the sort of thing I was asking for. Onra has a knack for creating a feeling that makes you feel as though you’re momentarily in that part of the world.

And lastly we just got Loyalty - a slower, more meditative number that adds a bit of menace.

All’s left to do now is enjoy these four and await Chinoiseries Part 3 in its entirety.

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