Premiere: Felicity Groom shares the video for her latest single, Burj Khalifa

Premiere: Felicity Groom shares the video for her latest single, Burj Khalifa

The single, the third taste of her forthcoming Magnetic Resonance Centre album, is now joined by warping visuals.

She's been a mainstay of the Perth live music world for a while now, but the last twelve months have been somewhat monumental for Felicity Groom. After sharing her Hungry Sky record in 2014, the musician placed her career on hold (as she told us midway through last year), taking a few years off to not only raise kids, but also re-learn how to make music amongst the chaos that having children can bring: "It’s not easy making music with new babies. For one whole year, you’re so sleep deprived that you can’t think... let alone think creatively," she told us.

Then, she made a grand return with Backwards Forwards, which with its arrival last year, welcomed the first taste of Felicity Groom's new work in five years, and also teased a forthcoming new record titled Magnetic Resonance Centre. "There’s sounds of outside life woven into in this dream-pop tune. The melody flew in the window of my car while driving from one thing to another," she mentions on the track. Then, came Dance For None, a spinning, Kevin Parker-assisted second single which really showcased Groom at her new peak; drifting funk lines and swirling vocals included.

Skip forward to January of this year, and Felicity Groom is continuing to tease her new record with another brilliant single Burj Khalifa, which today, is accompanied by twisted, warped visuals that really highlight Felicity Groom's forward-thinking creative flow. The single is a washed-out, chiming soundscape that sounds like something you'd expect from Angel Olsen but a little more electrified with electronic rhythms; a softly brimming synth line moving amongst her vocal rises and falls that swirl with this almost otherworldy possession - it's an electrifying and incredible listen.

"Burj Khalifa was born after a family holiday to Dubai," she says on the track. "The combination of learning that the Burj Khalifa moves in the wind and loving the title and tunes of Leon Vynehall's album of 2018, Nothing Is Still was enough of a meditation to begin this mantra-like tune. Burj Khalifa is a propulsive and entrancing house groove pop song that doesn't sound like anything else."

Today, we're premiering the visuals for the track, which grab a hold of that teasing, warped soundscape and flesh it out into a fully-realised visual. Edited by Dom Pearce, the bright colours that wedge themselves amongst Felicity Groom's vocal are brought to life in Burj Khalifa's video, pulsing with the experimentalism hinted within the single. 

The visuals suit the track perfectly, and with plenty more to come as Felicity Groom moves towards the release of her new album, take a dive into the video below:

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