Music Video Premiere: Doublethink Prism - Zero Points / Acknowledgement

Music Video Premiere: Doublethink Prism - Zero Points / Acknowledgement

Take a first listen and watch of the Boorloo-based experimental duo’s powerful new music video ahead of their latest album dropping Friday

Image Credit:  Giselle Natassia

Following up previous single Marshall Tourists featuring Hayley Beth and ahead of their new album Malakut Golliwog dropping this Friday, Doublethink Prism are back with the powerful new song and music video combo Zero Points / Acknowledgement premiering on Pilerats today.

Combining industrial leaning distorted beats and big squelchy bass lines courtesy of Steven Alyian and vocalist Marcus “Splodge” John’s potent, pointed lyrics, Zero Points / Acknowledgement once again features collaborator Hayley Beth delivering some haunting background vocals to round things out.

Splodge provided an in-depth explanation of the inspiration and themes behind the song, saying “As a half black half white human born into the post war England of 1960's it was very hard to fit in. My family did their best in very difficult circumstances but racism was front and centre across the board where I grew up in the midlands. As the house prices fell in our street, neighbours put barbed wire around their gardens - it wasn't an easy time. At school no one wanted to sit next to me and teachers didn't want to touch me let alone acknowledge me due to the colour of my skin. I was constantly told that I'd never amount to much.

Years passed, life moved onwards and I travelled to Australia to escape the marginalisation I was subject to. However I only found the cloaked horrors of racism alive and well. I remember asking the clerk at the bank where I opened my first account in this new country as to where the first nations people were - thinking that they had a proud and harmonious presence in this country. I was led to believe that black skinned people here held equal ground unlike back home in England - and I was shocked to learn what was actually happening in this country. People talking about 'breeding them out of existence' as some sort of 'solution'... I kid you not. This was the reality and it wasn't even that long ago.

The sad thing is, this attitude is STILL happening even today, in different and more subtle forms - it persists. This song expresses what I have sat with in regards to my experience coming here as a person of colour and seeing how the indigenous people of this country were being treated and wanting to acknowledge the damages that have been caused to this rich cultural lineage.”

Alongside the single is an engaging, informative and confronting music video that juxtaposes archival footage with various disappointing facts and figures regarding Australia’s first nation’s peoples. 

Check out Zero Points / Acknowledgement as it premiers on Pilerats today!

Doublethink Prism’s new album Malakut Golliwog is out November 18

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