Photo Diary: Mookhi documents her time at APRA AMCOS's London SongHubs workshop

Photo Diary: Mookhi documents her time at APRA AMCOS's London SongHubs workshop

She's about to join Cosmo's Midnight on their upcoming Australian album tour.

Header image by Chris Stellini.

Sydney-based producer and fave of the Pile Mookhi recently spent some time in London at an intense three-day songwriting workshop, APRA AMCOS' SongHubs. The initiative links up Australian/NZ songwriters with international producers, writers and engineers to work on new music in fantastic studio locations. In this instance it was the historic RAK Studios, a place where celebrated acts like Radiohead, Adele and Arctic Monkeys have recorded.

While she was there Mookhi took a few happy snaps to relay what the experience was like, check it out below along with her recent remix of Winston Surfshirt's, and catch her live supporting Cosmo's Midnight on their upcoming Australian tour.

All photos by Mookhi, expect where noted.

mookhi london songhub 01

mookhi london songhub 02

DAY ONE was full of nerves and unrelenting excitement. We kicked off with a brief meeting led by Adam Townsend from APRA AMCOS, who works out of RAK Studios in London. Everyone was buzzing with anticipation for the crazy and random burst of productivity to follow. I was paired with a talented local engineer and producer (also Aussie), Jake Miller, upstairs in a modest studio space chock-full of gear to drool over. We swapped many ideas, samples, opinions and music in a session that felt like it ended too soon.

mookhi london songhub 03

mookhi london songhub 04

DAY TWO, I found myself downstairs in another incredibly beautiful space paired with local producer and singer/songwriter, Laura Bettinson (FEMME) and her dog Bullet. She worked on an idea I wrote on a plane a while back (seems to be an ongoing theme for me), and we
ended up recording the catchiest lyric and top line she crafted in what seemed like a span of half an hour.

mookhi london songhub 05

Jane (L) and Emily (R)

DAY THREE was shorter but sweet in the fact I got to work with two extremely talented ladies, Jane Arnison and Emily Phillips, for the last session. Considering our time constraints, we ended up writing lyrics and a top line for a rough track I wrote previously. It was so enriching seeing these professional women bouncing so seamlessly off one another. The room was full of so much creativity; it was unreal.

mookhi london songhub 06

Mookhi and Jane, photo by Gemma Gullaci

The day ended with a listening party, where we all gathered to appreciate the works created within such demanding time constraints... And I have to admit, I was simply blown away. In writing this now, it still feels like it all went by in a single flash, but the things that were created, picked up and learned will be carried on for the rest of my career. I am so grateful.

mookhi london songhub 07

mookhi london songhub 08

Photo by Gemma Gullaci.

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