Meet Kid Froopy, the internet's newest rising force in music

Meet Kid Froopy, the internet's newest rising force in music

The US producer's new single Dreams is out now, through Zeds Dead's Deadbeats label.

Header Image: Kid Froopy, emo as hell.

One of the craziest things about the rise of sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp is that it gives a platform for literally anybody who wants to use it, whether they be a large, festival-headling DJ or band or someone just starting out in their parents' bedroom or basement. By uploading their music to these sites, especially Soundcloud, rappers like Chance The Rapper have broken out and become festival headliners, and bedroom producers like Flume have long left their parents' humble abodes and become GRAMMY winners, changing the face and inner workings of the music industry forever. Whilst articles and lengthy social media rants on the downfall of Soundcloud have been populous of late, the site still has a bit of juice left in it, exhibited perfectly by Kid Froopy. The US producer has kept things rather low-key in his rise, breaking out with last year's BB (Four Missed Texts) - released through fellow Soundcloud champions turned IRL music-movers Moving Castle. Since, the producer has been tipped as one to watch by blogs and artists alike, with remixes for Terror Jr and Zeds Dead & NGHTMRE building hype for the release of Dreams - the first single from his forthcoming new EP.

Dreams - out through Zeds Dead's recently-formed Deadbeats label - is an exciting, care-free single that is the perfect entry point to Kid Froopy if you're yet to be acquainted. It's light and refreshing, yet musically rather complex and technical, twisting and turning with perfectly-placed breaks and build-ups. It demonstrates everything you need to know about the emerging producer, whether that be his technical production skills or his soothing vocal ability which both combine across the single's short yet sweet duration. Those wanting to get to know the musician behind the music are out of luck, however, with the singer-songwriter keeping things relatively mysterious online - until now. Get to know the producer and the inner workings behind his varying productions below, unedited for your reading pleasure:

I think a good way to kick things off here is an introduction. You’re a pretty secluded dude – you haven’t done any interviews or anything, and there’s not even any photos of you or anything out there. Basically, what’s your deal?

ya i guess you’re right. i don’t think about it too much and forget that no one knows anything about me. idk music’s like my favorite thing, and i love to get lost in it and not think about anything else. but ya - 27, white guy, i live in des moines, iowa. my name’s sam! i’m also emo as hell 

Is there a reason to the seclusion? I feel like music these days is really built on your image and appearance, even if it’s underneath helmets or outfits. That said, I know a lot of artists still choose to be more behind-the-scenes because they don’t want to be ‘famous’, so to speak. Is this a similar deal, or is it more so that you haven’t really had the opportunity to do so?

i’ve just never been good at doing posts so i end up not posting.  but you’re right, success in the music industry often has as much to do with an artist’s personality on socials as it does with their music. which is cool, but also dumb as hell lmao. so i’m just gonna keep posting music

Onwards now into the Kid Froopy project – you emerged late into last year with BB (Four Missed Texts), which came out through Moving Castle. Which was then followed up with Show Me, which came out on Zed’s Dead’s DEADBEATS compilation. How are you feeling about the singles and the reactions to them thus far?

feeling good. reaction has been good. very grateful for anyone who has listened. very grateful for the labels that put out those songs. namaste  

Can you give us an understanding of your writing/production process? How do you first approach a single? Does it differ when you’re approaching a remix, like your recent one for Zed’s Dead & NGHTMRE?

it’s different every time. usually i’ll just have an idea and see where it goes. and then just keep working until it sounds good? this is a horrible answer haha. remixes/singles are mostly the same, but sometimes it’s fun to flip a remix on an opposite vibe as the original. minor/major, intense/chill etc. 

In addition to your Zed’s Dead remix, another really impressive one from you was your remix for Terror Jr – which for all you playing at home, was the band that Kylie Jenner was ‘rumoured’ to be the lead vocalist of. How did your remix for that track come about? It really blends both yours and Terror Jr’s styles perfectly, almost more like a collaboration than a remix.

thanks :)

loved bop city. got the stems, did the dam thing, posted it, god bless. but they’ve always been super cool when i’ve talked with them. our styles work well together for sure. might do some more stuff w them who knows  

Have your writing processes changed since your early work? One of the most noticeable things about your discography is how quick-paced and even nightcore-y your first works were in comparison to the moodiness of your more recent singles – is this because of a change in writing, or influences, writing ‘maturity’ or something else?

idk about maturing, but it’s different for sure. the process hasn’t really changed, i just enjoy trying new things. hopefully a year from now it will have morphed into something just as different. but also nxc til i die

What are some of your influences when it comes to producing music?

it’s a loooooooot. so hard to answer. always changing too. umm… just listened to the new cashmere cat album. the kehlani album is my shit. joni mitchell the god. all the new frank tracks are niice. random soundcloud loosies. top 40. i’m a porter and madeon head for sure. new FJM is emo and grumpy as hell and i love that. joe henderson power to the people album is extremely very good and i’ve been listening to it a lot. star slinger has an album called volume 1 that is very nostalgic for me. also, i’m trying to read more books so that i’m not a total idiot, and i’ve been reading this book the sellout by paul beatty that’s very good

So let’s get cracking onto the single Dreams here. It’s the first from your forthcoming EP and it’s out through Deadbeats. Can you talk about how the single was created and grew until its release now?

ya! i started that song about a year ago. at the time i remember i was watching a sailing vlog where this couple sails ACROSS THE FUCKING OCEAN which i remember being very compelling and stressful. i think some of that vibe got in the song. and i’m also tropical as hell too tho

Is Dreams an accurate representation of the rest of the singles on the EP? Or do you have some unexpected tricks up your sleeve for the full EP release?

there’s a lot of variety, but hopefully all of the songs share a feel or sensibility. i think deadbeats is gonna release them as singles, but when you play them in order it tells like a little story type thing 

How has teaming up with a label like Deadbeats impacted your releases? Does it take a bit of weight off your chest expectation-wise, which I’m sure would be a big thing so early in your career?

i don’t think it’s impacted the music at all, but it feels really good to work with them and to have the support. i’m a total dunce when it comes to releasing stuff, so having help w that is cool 

Single and EP aside, what are your future moves looking like? Do you have any current plans to work on a show or is it back into the studio for a second release?

i’m not a big planner so… not really haha. dj’ing sounds fun. always working on new music. trying to stay light on my feet :) 

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