Listen: Mall Grab - What I Breathe (Deluxe)

Listen: Mall Grab - What I Breathe (Deluxe)

The Aussie producer/DJ/musician unveils a new track, VIP’s, and instrumental version in the deluxe edition of his debut LP.

Producer, DJ, and Musician Jordon Alexander aka Mall Grab released his expansive debut LP, What I Breathe a few months ago - a personal release that reflects his last 6-years of influences and sonic explorations that you can more on here when it was featured as out Album of The Week. Following on from this release (and an impressive nation-wide tour), Jordan unveils a Deluxe offering which includes a new track, two VIPs, and a string of album instrumentals.

21-track in length, What I Breathe (Deluxe) picks up where the original record left off with a club favourite cut titled Tremors. Sporting a pounding beat and dreamy synths, rhythmic bass patterns and alternating looping melodies see this track swell between minimalistic and contemplative, to explosions of pure dancefloor bliss. Accompanied by a well-fitting visualiser that alternates between shots of a live audience and Mall Grab himself, it’s the perfect track for kicking on - not just in the club, but on this Deluxe release. 

Treating all his fans like the very important people that they are, track 15 and 16 see Jordon work his magic even further to create VIP versions of Without The Sun and Love Reigns respectively. With the introduction of some more abrasive soundscapes, and adjustments to beat sounds and patterns, these tracks are transformed into more hectic rave-ready staples.

Seeing What I Breathe (Deluxe) through its full duration is a handful of instrumental renditions for the synth-ladend Patience, hypnotic Understand, anthemic Without The Sun, melodic Lost In Harajuku, and eerie Times Change.  

Out now in all its glory, be sure to hit play and turn up the volume on Mall Grab’s latest offerings in What I Breathe (Deluxe) below. 

Mall Grab’s new album What I Breathe (Deluxe) is out now via Looking For Trouble / Virgin Music Australia

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