Introducing Love Deluxe and his addictively cool, retro sound

Introducing Love Deluxe and his addictively cool, retro sound

Cool Breeze Over The Mountains, his debut single, is out now through the always-on-the-pulse Soothsayer.

When it comes to electronic music in Australia, Melbourne-based label and party-throwing team Soothsayer is the place to be, with signings including Dro Carey and Sam Weston making them one of the most consistent electronic record labels in the game right now. Further confirming this A-grade track record arrives Love Deluxe, a new, emerging name from Sydney who has just arrived with an absolute pearler of a debut single in Cool Breeze Over The Mountains - out now through the label. Cool Breeze Over The Mountains boasts this slick, nostalgic electronic sound, combining the retro groove of Client Liaison with the shimmering synth work of names like Luke Million in a brilliant matter that sets him apart from the rest. In addition to this, the single arrives with a matching retro video clip produced by the Lost Art crew, who have achievements such as designing the cover art for The Avalanches' returning Wildflower under their name already. Meet the producer and his addictive, nostalgic new single below:

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Michael and I write and record music under the name Love Deluxe. I’ve been making and playing music for about 15 years now, but the Love Deluxe project is something that I’ve developed over the last few years.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

Warm and funky music that invokes images and sounds of the past, but still has its eyes on the future. I try to write music that is complimentary to not just one “atmosphere”, like for the club specifically. But rather for different situations; such as drinking cocktails at a pool party, whilst jogging in afternoon, drinking coffee at the start of your day, or driving at night on the way to meet your date.

Production/writing process:

Everything pretty much revolves around my laptop and using either Logic or Ableton as the DAW. I like to record myself playing synth and guitar layers, but that generally follows building a drum layer that sounds interesting and funky. Most tracks generally follow a chord progression, with melodic and rhythmic elements added in to build texture. Also, creating the “right sound” is crucial, so generally the easiest step is the actual writing of the track, the production and mixing takes more time.

Can you tell us about your debut single, Cool Breeze Over The Mountains (and it’s very cool video)?

Cool Breeze is the most recent track of mine and was created quite quickly. I tried to create something that was, I guess, Pop, and it’s quite a simple song really, musically. When it was coming together something that I really focused on was making sure the vibe was right. And making sure the arrangement was right was a big part of that, as well trying to give the overall track it’s distinctive warmth. As you might be aware, the title is a reference to Keanu Reeves' Hawaiian name. I thought that those words matched the feel of the song and that it was an interesting title. Plus, Speed is like the best movie ever.

The video is insane! Axel and the crew from Lost Art put that together after many lengthy sessions scrounging through archival footage from fashion shoots. The idea of various fashion magazine covers through time is so terrific and extends past the EP and single cover art that they created using shots from legendary photographer Han Fuerer.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

So expect to hear the rest of the tracks off the EP soon. There’s a few remixes from some great local and international artists on their way. Plus a few DJ sets in Sydney and Melbourne this year also. The Love Deluxe live show is slowly coming together so expect to see/hear that hopefully towards the end of this year also.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Well there’s not much out just yet, but there will be soon.

Keep up to date with my releases by following my FACEBOOK.

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