In The Booth: LOUDPVCK

In The Booth: LOUDPVCK

The heavy-hitting LA duo go in.

LA-based bass music duo LOUDPVCK are kicking off an Australian tour tonight at Perth's Jack Rabbit Slim's, so it's a damn good time to give you some idea of what to expect. While it should come as no surprise that BIG and HEAVY are key ingredients, Ryan and Kenny offer a little insight below into how a LOUDPVCK set comes together.

Take us through a typical set with LOUDPVCK:

What track are we opening up with?

RYAN: Something undeniably huge and exciting.

KENNY: Something to fuck the room up. We always try to lead off with a song that'll set the mood for our whole set, and that mood is "Let's go as hard as we possibly can!"

You’re miles away from home and you want to show some love for your home town/country. Which friend’s work are you gonna play?

RYAN: Great reactions playing the new Kill The Noise, Getter, NGHTMRE and Jauz tracks.

KENNY: Literally 50% or more of our set is all homies or neighbors, we can't help but spread the love!!

The audience are well-oiled, now it’s time to make them lose their shit. What track is going to do it?

RYAN: Milo & Otis - Trap Arms (SAYMYNAME Remix)

KENNY: At the moment Doggo by Barely Alive would be mine. I've almost died like four times head banging to that song live.

You’ve got ‘em now, got a track show off how deep your taste goes?

RYAN: Our special edit of The Prodigy ;)

KENNY: Something for the 90s babies!!! So many electronic shows are unrelenting bass music for five hours, a throwback rap song can feel like a breath of fresh air if you do it right! 

Energy levels are waning slightly, what’s a fail safe pick me up – either for yourself, or the crowd?

RYAN: We always do a throwback section in our sets, a short 3-4 song medley of usually early-2000s hip hop. After listening to similarly sequenced dance music for an hour, we find it's so effective to press play on a really recognizable rap song from the past everyone can sing along to. It's just refreshing, nostalgic, and the crowd goes apeshit.

KENNY: If you pick up the energy, they will too. Sometimes a little pick me up on the mic helps refocus everybody; but if I want people to dance harder than I just dance twice as hard myself!

We’re on the home stretch, what’s a brand new track you’re going to test out?

RYAN: Our new song with NGHTMRE, it doesn't even have a name yet!!!

KENNY: Alwayssss some unreleased LOUDPVCK stuff. We keep a few rough ideas at the end of the set every night, and when that time comes we usually have a quick huddle about which to test out. Lately our Major Laser remix with Aryay has been doing the trick!

It’s time for a breather, got a track with some real emotional feels?

RYAN: Galantis - Gold Dust.

KENNY: At the moment, Runaway - Quintino remix has been getting the lighters up!


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