Meet Brisbane's FELIVAND, who makes DIY-edged neo-soul with new single, Trajectory

Meet Brisbane's FELIVAND, who makes DIY-edged neo-soul with new single, Trajectory

In her first official single for the year, it becomes clear that the Brisbane musician has latched onto something remarkably special.

Over the last few years, a burgeoning Australian neo-soul world has proved one of the world's most exciting musical niches, whether it be locally - through musicians adding fresh air to the country's saturated music world - or internationally, with limited few breaking internationally and riding an exciting wave led by international counterparts such as Tom Misch. There's something really brilliant about Australia's neo-soul world and with the international reception to it, it's clear that there are people agreeing - even if those back home in Australia can be a little slow onto it, sometimes.

Brisbane-based musician FELIVAND is sure to be someone that'll pounce on this potent R&B sound, and their latest single Trajectory is really quite aptly-titled; a nod to the upwards trajectory the musician has the potential of following, thanks to singles as remarkable as these. It's a shimmering, almost indulgently rich take on R&B that sits outside of many of her comparables, taking the wooziness of acts such as Kali Uchis and the previously mentioned Tom Misch, but twisting with a darker, DIY-esque bedroom-pop edge, that gives it a broodingness - and slight sense of calmness - that really elevates it.

Trajectory is a song that really shows this better than anything else she's put out thus far (but in saying that, her past work - which includes singles dating back to 2017 - are all quite special themselves). Instrumentally, it sits more heavily in this bedroom-indie world; shimmering keys and dancing, jazz-like melodies moving amongst a percussive backbone which has that organic crunch that you find in those more DIY pop acts. 

However, FELIVAND knows how to elevate it, and that she does with her vocal. At times, her vocal moves with the grace of someone like Amy Winehouse mixed with the effortlessly confident sensuality of Kali Uchis; a meeting point that feels otherworldly if it wasn't for FELIVAND's execution, which otherwise makes effortless. It's really something special, and the production does what it needs to elevate the beauty captured within it - a difficult task that again, comes down to her sheer remarkability as a growing and evolving musician.

There's something really special here. To make sure you don't fall behind, introduce yourself to FELIVAND below, all while you stream her latest single Trajectory and take a dive into it's official video clip, directed by close friend Levi Cranston and shot on Super 16mm film.

Tell us about yourself?

Haha such an open question, um. I’m 20, from Brisbane and I’ve been writing and releasing music under FELIVAND since I was around 15 on Soundcloud.

What’s the ‘vibe’ music-wise?

I feel like what I listen to and am influenced by has been fluctuating so much lately between the Soul/R&B/House vibe and then a more Alt/Bedroom/Dream/Lofi Pop side. Lately when I’ve been writing these have just been crossing over and peeping through in songs depending on what mood I’m in. So maybe warm, earthy R&B is the general vibe?

What are your production and writing processes usually like?

Usually, I park up in front of my laptop, open up a session then swing over to my keyboard. But lately, the beat has been coming first then the chords or a bass line follow, it’s sometimes easier to get into a groove/flow when the rhythm is laid down first.

Can you tell us about your new single, Trajectory?

It was written with my good friend Allan McConnel in his little bedroom studio down in Melbourne. It’s a bit of a different vibe to the songs I put out when I was a bit younger, and it feels a bit more ‘me’, so I’m very excited to have it out! The music video is also the first visual I’ve ever released with my music and I feel like it added a whole other dimension and atmosphere to the song. It was directed by my old housemate Levi Cranston and shot on Super16mm film, which was such an eye-opening and exciting experience in itself!

What does 2020 have in store for you?

More music! Keen to get back on stage again too, so fingers crossed it becomes a possibility again soon. The first show back is going to be such an interesting experience though haha, feel a bit out of touch it’s been so long.

What do you want people to take away from the project?

I feel like listening to music can either help you forget about your problems or encourage you to lean into them further, so I guess either one of those outcomes would be really awesome and positive!


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