Introducing electro duo EARTHLINGS, and their bangin' new single, Forever Alive

Introducing electro duo EARTHLINGS, and their bangin' new single, Forever Alive

"It’s almost like The Presets drank too much vodka red cordial." - Yep, in.

At a time when our lord and saviours The Presets are coming all the way back, it's only fitting that some new artists should start emerging with a focus on fast, hard and furious live electronic music - enter EARTHLINGS. They've just dropped their debut single, Forever Alive, and there's a bit of Presets there, but also some Prodigy, Grafton Primary and even Dukes Of Windsor there that we're all about. Check it out below along with a little Q&A with the gents to find out some more:

Tell us about yourselves:

We’re Ry + Wil, two long time mates who have been playing music and putting up with each others jokes for over a decade. We’re both self-confessed energy-addicts who are trying to put that crazy performance back into live music. EARTHLINGS is our latest baby and we’re throwing the kitchen sink at it. We’re trying to steer away from ‘safe’ electronic music and get as grungy as we can with it. Our mums seem to dig it.

What kinda tunes we talkin'?

It’s almost like The Presets drank too much vodka red cordial. We’ve come from a world of big guitars so mixing that with synths and samples has somehow created this grungy electronic monster. He’s got a fun haircut tho.

Production/writing process:

Everything we do is 100% DIY. We built our own studio in Wil’s house which is where we spend most of our lives. We definitely eat more Mexican food than two humans probably should. The pair of us basically stay up as late as we can trying to find that golden synth tone or vocal melody until I catch Wil’s left eye starting to droop. Then I put him to bed, press save, and we pick it up again the next day.

Can you tell us about your new single, Forever Alive:

This is our first release so we want to come out swinging. It’s so easy to pigeonhole a band with their first track - so we wanted to make it reflect who we really are; energetic dudes who have big opinions on the way our world is spinning.

What's the rest of the year have in store?

Well, put it this way… You can “chuck a Peking Duk" and release two singles in two years. OR you can do what King Gizz did and release a bloody album a month! So much music dies inside laptops these days so we’re super keen to keep punching out the tunes. We’re both living the #vanlife as well so the goal is to roll up our jeans, and clock up as many km’s in those bad boys and tour our skinny asses off.


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