Hayden James and GRAACE interview each other ahead of Wine Machine

Hayden James and GRAACE interview each other ahead of Wine Machine

Wine Machine, fka Hot Dub Wine Machine, kicks off in Tasmania on March 9th.

When it comes to electronic-centric lineups, Wine Machine seems to nail it every time, marrying both the new and old sides of our dance music scene year-in, year-out. This year is, of course, no different, with festival founder Hot Dub Time Machine joined by Australian synth wizards The Presets, Hayden James, Confidence Man, GRAACE and a couple of other guns from around the country, all of which will be skipping around the country this March/April with dates at wineries in Tasmania, New South Wales, West Australia, Victoria and the ACT.

You can find the full lineup deets below, but two of the acts we really want to highlight at the moment are Hayden James and GRAACE. The former - a mainstay in the world of Australian dance-pop - has been crushing it lately, teaming up his signature, bounce-filled productions with guest vocals from names including Running Touch and Boy Matthews; finding that hard-to-achieve balance between both commercial and alternative success. GRAACE, on the other hand, has set out to do the same within the pop music world, emerging as an exciting newcomer to our bustling pop scene with her debut EP, last year's Self Sabotage, topping off what was a pretty big year for the musician.

They're quite good friends and collaborators in both the recorded and live realm (GRAACE often hops up to sing her collaboration with Hayden James, Numb), and to celebrate the impending Wine Machine tour, we got them to send each other a couple of questions, where they end up talking about live performances, dreams of collaborating with Childish Gambino, and shitting in eskies (yes, really):

Hayden James interviews GRAACE: 

You're booking artists for your own festival. What three artists are headlining and why?

- 6lack, because he's one of my favourite artists and I'm yet to see him live!
- Joni Mitchell, she's my songwriting inspiration and an overall queen.
- Frank Ocean, I don't really need to explain this one, he's Frank ocean.. enough said.

Would you rather give up cheese for good, or have to refuse coffee when it's offered to you for the rest of your life?

Okay damn If I really really had to give up coffee I don't think I could ever, its like my motivation drink. I love cheese with all my heart but it'd have to go :( I'm sorry cheese please forgive me.

What instrument would you like to learn that you've never played before?

I would LOVE to learn violin, I think its such an emotive instrument, I might have to pick it up in the next few years.

What's been your most memorable live performance to date?

Most memorable live performance to date was playing Spilt Milk Canberra, Australia with you Hayden :) Singing our song Numb to 16,000 was like.... just wow is all I can say. So grateful to have shared the stage with you for that moment.

You can only choose one to play at - Coachella or Glastonbury?

I've never attended either one, but if I'm gonna be honest probably Coachella because all of my friends from the West Coast would be able to come to see me and dance with me on stage.

GRAACE Interviews Hayden James: 

If you could choose anyone dead or alive to make a song with who would it be?

Pharrell Williams or Childish Gambino.. or both.

Who was your favourite artist growing up, has it had any influence on your music now?

Daft Punk. They've had a massive influence on my approach to songwriting and production techniques.

What was the first CD you ever bought?

Artful Dodger Re-Rewind (w/ Craig David). Yep. I stand by my choice.

What's been your favourite ever live performance?

I would have to say 'Spilt Milk' in Canberra last year; it was an unbelievable experience. That was one of the biggest crowds I've ever played to.

So much fun sharing the stage with you!!

Funniest thing to happen on stage to you?

Well, it didn't happen to me on stage but just off it in my dressing room while I was on stage performing... Someone took a shit... IN MY ESKI! I have photos if you want proof. We never found the person responsible. Please, if you know anything be sure to contact your local police.

Tour Dates:

wine machine 2019

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