Five Minutes With Cyril Hahn

Five Minutes With Cyril Hahn

As his Aus' tour comes to a close this weekend, we take five with one of our fave producers.

Cyril Hahn first came to the world at large's attention for flipping the Destiny’s Child song Say My Name into a 4am dancefloor anthem, and his since released a procession of fantastic singles and EPs, including latest effort Begin, below, and we had a chat to him ahead of his shows this weekend on our shores. We're hosting a super double headline show with him and Chrome Sparks, head HERE for tickets.

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When can we expect to see new music?

That’s a good question, I’m just sort of writing as much as I can for the next few months and see where I go from there, see what kind of release I’m going to do, if it’s all going to be for myself or for other people too.

Are you looking for singers etc?

For my own stuff, just the sample-based stuff, and I’ve been singing myself again which I haven’t done for a very long time. I do want to do stuff with vocals but that would be for other people not for my own stuff.

Is singing a new thing for you, or an old thing your bringing back?

It took me a while to build up the courage, I always knew I could sing a little it’s just getting over the fact you have to listen to your voice over and over. But I’m getting somewhere I think.

Yeah we all hate the sound of our own voices.

Yeah very true, but once you get over it its a very nice moment to break down the wall.

The keys to success, believing in yourself right.

Could not have said it better.

How are you feeling toward your own music, since the Desinty's Child remix? How have you felt your career has gone? Was it what you though it would be?

I think at first I was just going with the flow and not really over thinking or planning. I just sort of kept writing. I think my first couple of releases were very vocal heavy and very pop, but also club friendly. But I think the Begin EP last year was for listening in my view, it was like a dream pop album. It was just a result of touring and DJing a lot and needed to write something the complete opposite of club stuff. Having done that now, I’m back on the club ready stuff.

Pop music is really influenced more than ever by the underground and now there is a time for the artists to be credited properly.

Yeah you are very right about that, I think I want to act as a producer in the world of pop music, not my song, just a guy in the background making music. My own songs now are more dancey, not much vocal. I’m really super interested in writing pop but just not for my own stuff anymore.

For a while pop music went to shit, but it’s coming back around, in a good way.

Yeah how great is it to hear a Snakehips song on the radio? That’s a nice time to live in.

Yeah it’s amazing, so lastly are you looking forward to coming here?

Yeah I really love it in Australia, the crowds are amazing, I appreciate you guys like brunch and coffee and late breakfasts etc. That’s very much my lifestyle.

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